Designed to have the greatest possible impact on students’ careers and skills, the Master of Laws (LL.M.) allows students to concentrate on the areas they want to pursue in the future, with four specializations to choose from. And regardless of the specific element of law in which students may see their future career paths, the program’s Legal Immersion Experience is there to bridge the gap between theory and practice, putting them in real-world scenarios where they can test what they’re learning with one of our prestigious global partners.

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A joint diploma in intellectual property law

In one of the specializations, International Property and Technology Law, the immersive experience takes students to a worldwide hub of IP law in Geneva, at the World Intellectual Property Organization, giving them an opportunity to gain a joint diploma from IE Law School and WIPO.

This isn’t done in the classroom alone. Students receive insight from experienced sector professionals in a rigorous academic setting, of course.

An inside look at the Legal Immersion Experience in Geneva

But there really is no substitute for firsthand experience, and that’s what the Legal Immersion Experience in Geneva is all about—a chance for our aspiring young legal professionals to understand what the future of law actually looks like by practicing it for themselves at leading firms, banks and institutions. It’s also a good chance to meet IE University alumni and grow their international networks.

Visiting an international hub

Sweder van Zuylen and Santiago de la Guardia are both specializing in International Property and Technology Law, and both went to Switzerland for their Legal Immersion Experience. Geneva is a global legal and policymaking hub and a key location in international law. It’s home to 22 international organizations, and over 1,000 multinationals and 250 NGOs are stationed there. WIPO is one of them, and it’s within this global center for intellectual property, policy, services and information that Sweder and Santiago immersed themselves.

The World Intellectual Property Organization includes 193 UN member states, making it an ideal place to see the inner workings of intellectual property and forge connections in the sector. Given the scale of the opportunity, it’s perhaps understandable that Santiago was nervous. But his immersive experience at WIPO exceeded his expectations of absorbing as much knowledge and guidance as possible.

An inside look at the Legal Immersion Experience in Geneva

“The anticipation of meeting WIPO’s high-level executives and industry professionals was both exhilarating and slightly nerve-wracking,” he told us.

“However, stepping into those interactions turned out to be incredibly rewarding, fostering insightful discussions and exchanges that shaped a deeper understanding of intellectual property.”

A truly immersive experience

Santiago loved Geneva too, enriching his experience by exploring the city as much as possible.

An inside look at the Legal Immersion Experience in Geneva

He described the opportunity overall as “a rich tapestry of highlights,” citing the deep dives into IP finance, valuation methodologies, patent treaties, the evolving trademark landscape, the challenges of copyright in the digital realm and aligning IP with sustainable development as especially valuable. What Santiago most enjoyed were the discussions on gaming and intellectual property: he found the glimpses into the fast-changing dynamics of this particular discipline incredibly thought-provoking. Sweder van Zuylen found the discussion on video game IP stimulating too, but what resonated most for him was a seminar on sustainability and intellectual property. This provided him with fresh insights on the topic of the environment. “Although intellectual property is not inherently designed to combat climate change, it possesses the capability to support such efforts,” he explained. Sweder came away with a clear understanding of the importance of wielding IP with clear intentions.

This week served as a horizon-expanding journey, equipping me with a nuanced understanding of the multifaceted nature of intellectual property. My gratitude extends to IE Law School for orchestrating this exceptional opportunity and to WIPO for their unparalleled generosity in sharing their expertise and time. – Santiago de la Guardia

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