Discover the highlights of the Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior at IE University, and where the program can take your career.

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Market research and consumer behavior have become strategic priorities for many different businesses and organizations, and it’s easy to see why. At the end of the day, it’s about understanding people—and understanding people is critical to understanding and running a successful business.

It’s more than just about business, though. Being able to understand and predict human behavior is just as essential when you’re trying to make a lasting positive impact on the world around us, improving society as a whole. And ultimately, understanding why and how people make decisions is a path to understanding yourself.

The Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior at IE University tackles these exact topics, preparing you for a dynamic and successful career in a wide range of roles and industries. Let’s dive into what makes this program unique and what it can do for your professional trajectory.

Taking a practical approach

IE University’s Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior is all about practical application.

Everything you need to know about the Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

Our goal is to prepare our students to step into their professional careers the minute they graduate.

What this means is a hands-on, practical approach using real-life case studies and projects.

Ours is a unique program that constantly adapts to the needs of the business world. Combining business, marketing, neuromarketing, data analytics, consumer behavior and psychology with research and analytics methods, we give our students the tools they need to understand the quantitative and qualitative side of market research.

Connecting you to the global world of business

The Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior is an international program at an international business school.

One of the most important things we do for our students is connect them to the global world of business and help them develop strong professional ties before they even graduate.

Everything you need to know about the Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

Our professors are leading practitioners in their fields and come from top global market research agencies like Nielsen, Kantar and IPSOS—as well as from the companies that leverage this knowledge to drive their business forward, like Procter & Gamble, IBM and Google.

Our students work on real-life projects brought by market research agencies and clients, conducting their own research, understanding the potential solutions and recommending actions—not in a theoretical framework or even in the context of a business case, but in reality.

Building your own path

Over the course of 10 months, the Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior program builds an understanding of strategic and analytical skills, psychology and behavior. In the third term, our students can customize their experience by opting between two paths:

Consumer Behavior dives deeper into understanding how and why we make decisions and the cognitive models that explain and predict our behaviors, with courses on Consumer Decision-Making and Influence & Persuasion.

Data Analytics is chosen by students who are passionate about quantitative analysis and want to learn some of the tools that are in the highest demand in today’s marketplace, with courses on Advanced Big Data and Customer Analytics.

And before you ask: don’t be scared of data analytics! A lot of people shriek with horror at the mere sight of those words, thinking they can’t work with numbers. We have a proven structure that helps everyone work with data.

Becoming a successful insights manager

The new digital economy has changed customer experience and the way people behave. There is a massive amount of data available and few who can analyze it, convert it into valuable insights and transform those insights into action with a real impact.

Everything you need to know about the Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

Our program is structured around giving our students the skills they need to become successful insights managers, focusing on three main areas: business marketing and strategy; consumer insights and analytics; and consumer psychology and behavior.

Of course, technical abilities alone aren’t enough, which is why we deliver a very strong professional skills component, teaching you to work in teams, communicate and manage your career.

What’s next?

Career opportunities in the field of market research and consumer behavior are in huge demand, and the employment rate of our alumni is extremely high. It’s no surprise that our graduates are proving to be a popular choice among leading employers, including market research giants like Nielsen and Kantar; consumer companies like Coca-Cola and L’Oréal; tech giants like Meta and Google; and top consultancy firms like McKinsey and BCG.

If you’re passionate about understanding the why and the how of human behavior, understanding the truth of people’s motivations, choices and personalities—and even understanding yourself—this program will help you uncover it.