The Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.) provides a wealth of career-focused resources and opportunities.

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Embarking on the Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.) at IE University not only gives you an internationally recognized degree backed by academic excellence, it also offers unparalleled opportunities for career growth. This transformative journey propels you into the realm of impactful problem-solving in a wide range of career paths, ranging from human rights to technology and globalization.

A program tailored for impact

This program is designed for students aspiring to make a lasting impact as effective problem-solvers in the realm of human rights within the digital society. In light of the changing global landscape, students can choose between two specializations: International Economic Law and Human Rights in the Digital Society. The Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.) goes beyond the conventional legal curriculum, taking a highly practical approach that’s informed by contemporary needs rather than traditional methods.

It’s a program designed to transform you into a solutions-focused legal professional capable of addressing the key emerging social and economic issues globally.


Whether you aspire to work for a top legal firm, a government organization, a private enterprise or an NGO, the Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.) will give you the skills you need to succeed. The program’s hands-on approach to international legal frameworks, combined with the four career pathway options, will enable you to progress immediately in your career path of choice.

Academic excellence and so much more

This transformative, 10-month program is delivered in person through a combination of stimulating debates, group work and independent study. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to network, further develop your soft skills and dive deeper into the challenges associated with law across the globe.

What’s more, our students have access to a personalized mentorship initiative to help them develop the skills they need for their careers.


This gives students the chance to build a relationship with an experienced legal practitioner who can provide invaluable insights, wisdom and guidance.

Additionally, our Talent & Careers team will accompany you from day one with guidance, resources and advice including one-to-one sessions, workshops and recruitment events, all designed to boost your career trajectory.

During the study program, students can explore the professional pathway that most interests them, allowing them to discover potential career outcomes at the conclusion of their degree to help them focus on the career training that will help propel them to their chosen profession. Each pathway offers unique knowledge and skills, all highly sought-after by modern recruiters:

International Trade Professional Pathway

Gain comprehensive insights into the interplay between technology, trade regulations and geopolitical dynamics. This prepares you to guide international clients in mitigating risks, exploiting opportunities and protecting their interests in an increasingly interconnected world. Whether you aspire to become a trade lawyer or a consultant specializing in digital trade policies and trade compliance, you’ll have the expertise to make a significant impact.

Digital Law Professional Pathway

Be perfectly prepared to serve as in-house legal counsel for global companies, safeguarding digital assets, ensuring compliance with data protection laws and navigating the complexities of intellectual property rights in the digital sphere. You’ll address emerging subjects like the role AI and cyber law play in privacy and data protection governance. The program also equips you for a career in the public sector, playing a pivotal role in designing and implementing digital policies.

Human Rights Advocacy & Sustainable Governance Professional Pathway

Discover rewarding opportunities within governmental bodies, advocating for the protection of human rights and shaping policies that safeguard privacy, data protection, digital freedoms and even climate action. Additionally, explore opportunities in nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) specializing in digital rights, privacy and human rights advocacy.

Business & Human Rights Professional Pathway

Prepare yourself to work as an in-house legal advisor, ensuring businesses operate within ethical and human rights frameworks. This involves compliance with data protection regulations, corporate ESG and CSR, addressing issues related to digital ethics and responsible technology use, and following internal codes of conduct.

A wealth of professional opportunities

The Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.) opens doors in various industries and organizations, as well as a wide range of roles, by imparting the skills, knowledge and practical experience that recruiters are looking for. Ranging from trade lawyers and in-house legal counsel to technology policy analysts and human rights impact assessors, the variety of options open to you on graduation means you’ll be fully prepared to pursue your chosen career path.

Well beyond conventional lawyering, roles will open up in consultancy for digital trade policymakers, or in sustainability or business ethics, in human rights impact assessment, in advocacy for sustainable governance or CSR management or any other area you’re interested in.

Choosing the Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.) isn’t just a decision; it’s a strategic move towards becoming a legal professional equipped to tackle the evolving challenges of the digital age. The program’s holistic approach and diverse career opportunities ensure that graduates emerge not only well-versed in law, but also ready to make a tangible impact on the world stage.