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Master In International Legal Studies (LL.M.)

duration10 months
Mode of studyIn-person
duration10 months
Mode of studyIn-person

Master In International Legal Studies (LL.M.)

The Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.) educates legal professionals in different areas of international and comparative law, including international economic law and human rights, with the goal of preparing them for a successful and impactful legal career in the pursuit of a more sustainable future. Using a practical and hands-on approach, the program explores how international law is evolving to address new challenges presented by technology and globalization. The need for legal professionals to navigate this new international legal framework, accelerated by the internet and information and communication technologies, is greater than ever. These evolutions challenge our traditional approaches to the different branches of public international law, private international law and transnational law, as well as the different domestic laws around the world and, in particular, in the evolving fields of International Economic Law and Human Rights in the Digital Society. With this in mind, the program allows professionals to specialize in both fields of expertise guided by a faculty of leading academics and sector practitioners and led by the Academic Director, Joseph Weiler, Professor at NYU Law School and Senior Fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard.

At IE University, you’ll be joined by other professionals from all over the world as you gain an in-depth understanding of the interconnection of different legal systems by adopting a holistic approach to different social, economic, and political contexts.

To enhance your educational journey during the program you will benefit from additional resources, expertise and networking opportunities offered by our strategic partner, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

You’ll also enjoy optional immersion experience in Paris at ICC, mentoring program and the chance to study in one of the world’s global legal hubs in this new and forward-thinking Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.).

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    Internationally-minded who want to make an enduring impact as a problem-solver in human rights in the digital society and other key social and economic issues at a global level.

    *You must have a first degree in Law from an accredited university to apply for this program. Applicants with other backgrounds such as International Relations, Politics or Economics can be considered on a case by case basis.


    A comparative, multidisciplinary approach with a practical methodology that covers the key branches of Public Law, International Private Law, International Economic Law and Human Rights, and addresses the impact of technology on the profession. You’re looking to make an impact wherever your legal career takes you.

  • TO BECOME...

    • A lawyer working in an international law firm, multinational company or international organization in areas such as International Trade, Environment, ESG or Cybersecurity, among others.
    • An officer, advisor or consultant with an international organization such as the UN, Amnesty International, the European Commission or the International Law Commission, on the protection of human rights and working in policies that safeguard privacy, data protection, and digital freedoms.
    • A sustainability, compliance or social justice specialist within a consulting firm, NGO or private enterprise.
    • A legal officer of a multinational company ensuring the businesses' compliance with data protection laws, safeguarding digital assets, facilitating cross-border transactions and advising on digital trade practices.
    • A researcher on human rights and international justice.


In partnership with the ICC we offer Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.) students an enhanced learning experience, complemented by a range of enriching opportunities. Through our partnership, students will gain access to exclusive seminars, workshops, and events organized by the ICC, designed to broaden their knowledge and network within the field.

Additionally, as part of the program, students will have the unique chance to embark on a week-long journey to ICC’s headquarters in Paris where they can engage directly with industry experts and immerse themselves in real-world applications of their studies.

Furthermore, students will have the flexibility to enroll in an ICC distance learning course, providing them the opportunity to earn a valuable certificate either in Digital Trade Strategy or Export/Import.

Lastly, our partnership with ICC opens doors to a mentoring program and internship opportunities, enabling students to further develop their skills and gain practical experience within the industry.

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Eugenia Castrillón, Vice-Dean of Programs at IE Law School“The core of the program is that students understand what is the evolution of international law while addressing these new challenges presented by technology and globalization”
  • Eugenia Castrillón, Vice-Dean of Programs at IE Law School“The core of the program is that students understand what is the evolution of international law while addressing these new challenges presented by technology and globalization”
  • Amaya Úbeda, Professor at IE Law School  “AI brings huge opportunities to be used for social good, but it also raises concerns about the impact on fundamental rights and this is part of the program, which is proposed in the master, referring to privacy, data protection, freedom of speech, among others”
  • Johanna Jacobsson, Professor at IE Law School  “Nowadays, technological issues are closely linked to the geopolitical tensions we are witnessing today, due to the increase in fragmentation, as each country is developing its own regulatory models. Therefore, there is an increasing connection between these two disciplines that we are addressing in this master's program, Human Rights and International Economic Law”


This program will transform you into a solutions-focused legal professional, able to navigate the international legal environment’s complex landscape and be at ease dealing with its many modern challenges.

  • Understanding Complexity: An International and Comparative Approach
  • Focus on your Professional Horizon
  • Hands-On Learning: Immerse Yourself in an International Environment
  • Our Digital Society Demands a Forward-Thinking Approach

IE Law School values open dialogue, constructive debate, giving sound arguments and the exchange of perspectives and viewpoints. The nurturing of these skills is conspicuous in the consistent top positions awarded in Moots and Debate competitions, including but not limited to Human Rights.


Why choose IE Law School? Because on top of our outstanding and rigorous academic offering, your experience will involve so much more. Our programs, just like our whole learning environment, are designed to get you out of the classroom to gain real-world experience that will open doors for you at the start of your career and give you an advantage all the way through it.

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    Convinced of the importance of following a comparative methodology in legal education, we have worked with experienced lawyers with an international focus since 1973. We are sector leaders and active participants in the leading international lawyers’ associations: the Law Schools Global League (LSGL), the International Bar Association (IBA), the American Bar Association (ABA) and the International Association of Lawyers (UIA). As experts in the integration of law with other disciplines such as business and technology, IE Law School is an elite institution in the sector.

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    IE University’s position at the forefront of research in the legal sphere, the digital world and beyond is evident in the work on global governance and transnational realities being undertaken by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for Law and Automation (Lawtomation), the Center for the Governance of Change, the Center for the Environment, the Center for Social Innovation & Sustainability, the Center for Diversity in Global Management, the China Center, the Africa Center and the Saudi-Spanish Center for Islamic Economics and Finance.

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    IE Law School provides unmatched expertise in the integration of Law with different disciplines, from business and management, through finance, to philosophy, politics and economics. Technology is central to all of our programs and research initiatives, reflecting the digitalized world in which legal professionals must now operate confidently. Our programs address the development and ramifications of digital law, intellectual property and technology law, research in law and automation, AI and law, and more.


    Even a complete grasp of legal theory will not be enough to drive you to career success without experiencing what it’s actually like out there. That’s why the Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.) provides a grounding in real-world experience that will give you a jump-start to your career with exposure to real clients, real lawyers and courtroom experiences.

    • Legal Immersion Experience

      Legal Immersion Experience

      The optional Legal Immersion Experience allows you to work in real law firms and institutions operating in a European city. You’ll get a firsthand view of legal professionals’ work, not only at the top of the sector, but in the field you’re most passionate about.

    • Moot Courts

      Moot Courts

      You can choose to take part in some of the most prestigious moot court competitions in the world, including the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition in Vienna, or the highly esteemed European Law Moot Court and Moot Court Madrid.

    • Legal Clinc

      Real-world, practical experience with social responsibility

      Want to get started providing real legal advice on real cases? Thanks to the IE Legal Clinic , you can offer pro bono services to NGOs and startups working on social projects around the world. This opportunity is subject to candidate selection, and professors and lawyers will provide guidance to participants.

    • mentoring program

      Mentoring Program

      From day one of the Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.), students may join a mentorship program and receive guidance from a leading professional at a top law firm. This is an incredible opportunity to build a strong bond with an experienced and senior sector professional, build your network and receive invaluable counsel and support. You’ll also have the chance to gain an internship at a leading sector firm.

    Madrid — a global legal hub

    A number of the world’s top law firms are headquartered or represented in the Spanish capital. Indeed, the Law Society has named Madrid as a world center for legaltech, so you’ll be right in the heart of the industry, in a city at the forefront of the legal world, with most of the major firms on your doorstep.

    No city caters to a young professional’s needs better than Madrid: famed for its student-friendly environment, it offers everything you’d expect of a global city with an international outlook. Vibrant and diverse culture, day and night life and affordable and efficient public transportation make Madrid the ideal place to indulge your interests and discover new ones.

    Madrid - A Global Legal Hub


    Students must fulfill the following requirements to be able to request the issuance of the Official University Degree upon completion of the Master Program. If educational prerequisites are not provided and/or if the requirements are not met on time, the student will not be able to request the official university degree as issued by the Spanish government. In this case, the studies will not be official under Spanish educational regulations.


    At the heart of IE Law School, we firmly believe that learning extends beyond textbooks and lectures, and that meaningful connections play a pivotal role in shaping one's professional growth and future success. By hosting a diverse array of experts and thought leaders, we empower our students to gain insights into a wide range of topics that shape the global landscape.

    Life at IE Law School


      IE Law School takes great pride in the diversity of its entire community. Not only will you learn alongside professionals from around the globe and a variety of backgrounds, but our world-renowned faculty comprises experienced practitioners from every part of the planet and the profession. What’s more, our campus offers access to the latest technology and ample spaces to explore the career pathways that lay before you.

    • Campus Life

      Outside the classroom, the Campus Life office is the beating heart of your experience, coordinating a wide range of activities to enable you to broaden your personal horizons and discover passions you never knew you had. And with plenty of opportunities for networking, you’ll build a rich and diverse network of peers from over 160 countries and every conceivable subject and sector. Your campus life at IE Law School will be just as enriching as your academic life—with more than 120 student clubs to choose from, the adventure you experience at IE Law School is up to you.

    • Well-being at IE University

      Well-being at IE University

      IE Law School along with the IE Center for Health & Well-being strive to create a supportive and thriving community by prioritizing the students’ well-being. The center offers a diverse range of activities such as workshops to raise awareness of well-being's importance, resources for mental health support, weekly mindfulness sessions and extracurricular courses. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to join themed events like Happiness Week and Kindness, Empathy, and Compassion Week.


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