University is more than what you learn in a classroom. Student clubs provide great experiences with your classmates while enabling you to explore your potential outside the curriculum.

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At IE University, we place huge importance on academics, and we aim to develop world-renowned leaders. At the same time, we believe in the importance of a well-rounded educational experience. Both on campus and virtually, our student clubs provide amazing activities, unique learning opportunities, and a sense of community that will leave you feeling fulfilled and refreshed!

Meet like-minded people 

Although your classmates can give you companionship and support within your field of study, they may not have the same interests or hobbies. Student clubs allow you to meet people who share your other passions, and give you a space to express them together. The friendships and relationships that you form within these clubs can turn out to be lifelong. While exploring your common interests, you will also be exposed to many different cultures, values and views.

Gain new skills

Joining student clubs is one of the best ways for young people to develop their knowledge and skills. There are many opportunities in each club for students to gain experience in leadership, communication, problem-solving, group development and management, finance and presentation, as well as public speaking. Combine this with our real work experience partnerships, and you will have everything you need to succeed in your chosen career. 

Many students find that their time in these clubs sets them up for later life. They use the networks that they establish to find other opportunities around the world, and their experiences create a CV that stands out to employers for its strength and variety. Managerial experiences can lead to your applications being taken more seriously, and later, quicker career advancement and development. 

Don’t just take our word for it: Felipe Murad, an IMBA alum from 2019, was Vice-President of the IE Out and Allies Club. In their words,

“the Club has given me the purpose I so desperately looked for and showed me that sometimes the smallest initiatives may have the greatest impact.” 

What can I join? 

There is truly something for everyone with IE University student clubs. These can vary from course-based clubs, such as the Healthcare and Pharma Club, to very unique ones like Improv and Guided Meditation. Whether you are looking for something to hype you up and energise you, or for some relaxation and calm, all these options are at your fingertips. 

The student clubs with the most membership and the biggest events at IE University are those which relate to courses and careers. Some examples are the Big Data & AI Club, the Consulting Club, the Entrepreneurship Club, and the Finance & Capital Investment Club. 

What type of clubs are there?

At IE University, the Dance, Yoga, Debate and Health & Wellbeing Clubs have proved to be the most popular non-subject based activities for our students. These clubs have hosted many successful events and workshops, and are a source of support and stimulation. For example, the Dance Club is run by experienced and talented students, and hosts regular classes and workshops that cater for both beginners and advanced students. From ballet to hip hop, anyone with an interest in dance is welcome to join!

Another club that deserves a mention for its popularity is the IE Women in Business Club. With over two and a half thousand members, their mission is “to create a community for women in business by providing professional networking and leadership development opportunities.” They have already hosted over 140 events, some of which have secured thousands of euros in sponsorship money, and are a clear example of just how successful student clubs can become. The feedback for this club has been amazing, with students such as Anabela Morey saying that “being a part of the IE Women in Business Club allows me to support others and make a small impact on the world that we are living in today.”

Sports and athletics 

Of course, no student clubs list would be complete without mentioning sports. Both in Madrid and in Segovia, we have a vibrant sporting community, which includes clubs for basketball, football, sailing, snow sports, tennis and volleyball. Some teams, such as football, compete across Europe, from the Tackle Africa competition in London to the Spring Games in Barcelona, MBA Tournament in Paris and Grass Root Soccer Cup hosted by IE in Madrid. 

Sports clubs are a great place to make friends, develop teamwork skills and add to your social life, as training and competitions are almost always followed by social events or team bonding exercises. Whether you’ve had virtually no experience of sport or you’re a semi-pro, there will be a team for you at IE University. 

No club yet? No problem!

Despite the existence of almost 130 clubs and societies, you may find that the subject or area you are interested in doesn’t have one yet. However, this isn’t an issue! We actively encourage our students to found new clubs in areas that interest them, and chances are that there are many like-minded students out there just waiting for this club to be started. 

University life is not complete until you have at least tried a student club. From social activities to academics, they serve to enrich your experience at IE University and complement your studies to give you the best skills for success and happiness. What are you waiting for?