The International MBA is a groundbreaking program that not only equips you with the technical skills to succeed in business but also offers a unique path toward the next best you.

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When you enroll in a top-ranked program from IE Business School like the International MBA, you’re starting a transformative academic journey that leads to professional development and personal growth. It’s a process that will define the rest of your career trajectory, making this a significant investment in your future.

Focused on you

The International MBA is expertly geared toward career development.

In a dynamic landscape defined by constant evolution, rapid change and limitless professional options, finding such a unique business program designed to help you discover your path is now more beneficial than ever.

Your future after the International MBA: an expert sneak peek

First, this curated learning experience will guide you to identify your unique interests, strengths and gaps, providing a full picture of your current position. Then, we’ll help you cultivate your skill set and align it with your overall professional goals. Through this holistic approach, you’ll define the roadmap to your ideal career and the next best you, gaining the right knowledge, skills and connections to bring your desired future to life.

A snapshot of today’s professional landscape

If the last few years have proven anything, it’s that the global business landscape can shift in an instant. Only the adaptable survive—with the increasingly rapid pace of globalization and technological development, being adequately prepared will position you to take advantage of bigger and better opportunities.

Right now, the business world is in high demand for skilled professionals who can lead in times of change. This means you must develop the digital know-how and multidisciplinary, out-of-the-box thinking skills to come up with innovative solutions for pressing challenges in the real world. As you start to mold yourself for the future, here are some important industry trends to keep in mind:

• Shifting corporate priorities: Studies show that visionary board leaders are already preparing to ramp up corporate growth through digital acceleration, adopting a higher risk appetite, and focusing more on their sustainability and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts.

• More in-demand than ever: With the demand for capable business professionals higher than ever, graduates in today’s job market report enjoying more opportunities in a wider range of industries and with a higher earning potential.

• In search of purpose: Recent phenomena like the “Great Resignation” might have been sparked by a demand for higher compensation, but were really evidence of a much bigger underlying problem—employees just want to feel fulfilled at work, With a firm understanding of your own purpose and long-term goals, you’ll get a significant head start in the job market.

• Work as a part of life: As the line between work and life continues to blur, the industry is moving toward increased flexibility and greater work-life balance to boost profit, productivity and morale.

• Skill-first approach: More than strong technical skills, employers are looking for candidates with a firm grasp of the “new” skills of the future, including critical thinking, problem-solving, flexibility, resilience, and digital competencies among others.

• An entrepreneurial mindset: Whether or not you plan to start your own business venture in the future, possessing a well-honed entrepreneurial mindset is a must. The ability to pinpoint emerging opportunities, build networks and drive change is an invaluable asset in any business setting.

• The place of emerging tech: New technologies like virtual reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence innovations like ChatGPT continue to transform the way we work, connect and do business.

Infinite career options

Your future after the International MBA: an expert sneak peek

In response to the ongoing transformation of global business, the International MBA stays dynamic to keep up with the changing needs of the industry.

Our analysis of the latest job data, along with constant conversation with top recruiters and leading companies in the business world, means we’re able to offer valuable, unique insights into the job market.

As a result, we’ve been able to organize all the possible careers in this sector into eight distinct Career Pathways, including:

• Branding, Marketing & Sales

Designed for creative, analytical strategists with an eye for narratives and a knack for business-centered communication, careers in this pathway include sales and business development, strategic marketing and brand management, digital marketing and analytics, customer insights and market research, and creative direction, content and branding.

• Strategy, Organization & Transformation

If you’re passionate about transformation and leading change, this might be the right pathway for you. It can lead you to exciting careers in corporate strategy, digital transformation and business operation optimization.

• Finance, Investments & Accounting

Focusing on this pathway will help you understand the intricacies of finance and economic development in a business context. You can look forward to careers in corporate finance, investment banking, private equity, venture capital, asset management and more.

• Digital Business, Analytics & Operations

The future is increasingly data-driven and professionals in this space must develop the know-how to turn huge volumes of data into optimal performance and valuable business insights. With these skills, you can work as a data scientist, data analyst, automation consultant, chief innovation officer or any other role that delivers reliable business intelligence.

• Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Aimed at bold risk-takers, this pathway will give you the tools and resources to start your own business, or scale up and hack growth in existing enterprises.

• Product Management & Service Design

Do you dream of spearheading products or services that create real value in business and society? Then this might be the pathway for you. It can lead to various roles in product management and development, service design and customer experience management.

• International Business & Economics

Offering all the competencies required to play in the big leagues of global business, this pathway can lead you to exciting international positions in global strategy, financial analysis, business development, program management and more.

• Sustainability Management & Strategy

With sustainability taking center stage in global discourse, this pathway can open a world of opportunities in ESG strategy and management, ESG communication, auditing and reporting, sustainable product design and development, sustainable operations and supply chain management, and social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Why our approach matters

It’s easy to outline ideal scenarios, but does the International MBA really lead to these exciting, wide-ranging career outcomes? As they say, the proof’s in the pudding. In this case, the “pudding’ is our latest career report, showing you the successful paths our graduates have taken after completing the program.

From the report, the most interesting statistics reveal these unexpected insights:

Global mobility: Because of the International MBA, 65% of alumni now work outside their home country.

Career advancement: 54% of alumni have made a sector switch after completing the program, with 46% reporting promotions and upward growth in their current industry.

Job creation: 8% of alumni started their own ventures after graduation, injecting hundreds of jobs into local economies.

A broad skill set: Most of our alumni work in the technology (27%), financial services (20%) and Consumer, Luxury & Retail (17%) industries.

The top employers for our graduates include industry leaders like AWS, Celonis, Deloitte, EY, KPMG and much, much more.

Will you take the next step?

The International MBA is your gateway to a booming career on the global business scene. With various events organized by the IE Talent & Careers team—including MBA Talent days, career fairs, company presentations, business competitions, workshops, webinars and networking activities—as well as various complementary clubs and resources to choose from, you’ll step into a vibrant, diverse ecosystem that ensures growth, purpose and positive impact.