The International MBA gives you the choice of studying entirely in English or in a hybrid of English and Spanish. Choose the experience best suited to your personal and professional goals.

How it works

Choose what’s right for you. If you choose the English option, you’ll complete the entire program in English only. If you go with the bilingual option, you can study the initial core period in Spanish and the rest of the program in English.


Improve your cross-cultural communication skills. We offer English and Spanish language classes throughout the program to support your courses and improve your language skills. We also offer a free six-month subscription to the leading language learning platform Bussu.


Prime yourself for the world of work.

Seize the opportunity to study entirely in the global language of business, which can enhance your understanding of international business practices, increase access to international resources and facilitate communication in the global marketplace.


Unlock more markets and opportunities.

Studying in English and Spanish — two of the three top business languages in the world — opens the door to more markets. Many top multinational companies like Google, BBVA or Mercedes-Benz prefer, or even require, their professionals to be bilingual.


These are some of the Academic Partners in the International MBA:


Students must meet the following conditions and requirements to be officially enrolled and entitled to request the official university degree upon completion of the master program. If educational prerequisites are not provided and/or if the requirements are not met on time, the student will not be able to request the official university degree as issued by the Spanish government. In this case, the studies will not be official under Spanish educational regulations. 


Vice dean IMBA

Meet the International MBA Vice-Dean​ David Suarez

As Vice Dean of the International MBA, David brings over 25 years of experience in strategy and management consulting to guide students on their journeys to becoming the next best versions of themselves. For the last 10 years, David was a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, leading all human capital consulting activities in the Middle East. Before that, he was Vice President (Partner) at the Organization, Change and Leadership Practice at Booz & Company and served clients across Europe and the Americas at Deloitte Consulting.  

Throughout his career, David has focused on how people, organizational behavior, and effectiveness can enable large-scale business transformation. His areas of expertise include human capital strategy, talent and leadership development, organizational culture, change management, board/corporate governance, organization and operating model design, business transformation program management and performance improvement. In recent years, David has studied the impact of megatrends like technology-driven disruption and demographic changes, examining how they will affect the future of work and how ready organizations are to handle these challenges. Today, he generously shares his expertise with IE students, empowering the next generation of leaders to forge the career paths that are right for them and make a meaningful impact on the world. 


At IE Business School, our faculty’s commitment to you goes far beyond teaching. Their mission is to help you understand the person you are now and guide you on the path to the person you want to become. From working with you to reveal your strengths and surface your career goals to helping you refine how to make the impact your sense of purpose demands – or even discovering what that purpose is – they’re on hand to challenge you to think about yourself in new ways, learn the skills you need for your future career and become the next best you. Drawn from all over the globe, our faculty brings expertise from a vast range of industries, roles and functions, meaning they’re equipped with the real-world experience to help you succeed.

Accounting & Management Control




Human resources and Organisational behaviour

Information Systems & Technology



Operations & Technology



Experience outside the classroom

Personal and professional transformation go hand in hand on the journey to the next best you. Studying in the heart of Madrid, you’ll find yourself surrounded by opportunities for both. Spain’s capital combines the dynamism of a global city with the inspiration of a cultural hotspot. Famed for its student-friendly environment, Madrid’s vibrant nightlife, affordable public transport and thriving alternative scene make it the ideal city in which to immerse yourself. And as home to global companies including Google, Microsoft and Apple, the scope for professional growth is governed only by your ambition. The International MBA is your journey; study in a city that helps you live every minute of it to the fullest.


Transformation begins with discovery. Embrace your passions and unearth new ones with more than 120 clubs to choose from at IE Business School. The most popular include IE Sports & Wellbeing, IE Net Impact Club and IE Women in Business. But wherever your interests lie, you’ll find a place to connect with like-minded people, enhance your wellbeing and power your personal development outside the classroom.


The journey to the next best you centers around equipping you with the skills and abilities you need to achieve tangible, real-world success. Nowhere illustrates that ethos better than IE’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center, where you’ll gain access to investors, mentors and a worldwide network of successful entrepreneurs with the knowledge and expertise to help you turn your ideas into reality. IE’s in-house incubator, Area 31, is a dedicated workspace for startups created by IE alumni. A home to businesses at every stage of development, it provides an ecosystem where you can explore every aspect of entrepreneurship and innovation, benefitting from the skills and experience of real-world visionaries and disruptors.


Frequently Asked Questions


The next best you is a fundamental concept at IE Business School. It means we focus on helping you analyze the current you, determine your desired impact as a leader and give you the skills, mindset and tools you need to reach your full potential. Our approach is personalized and tailored to each individual student, rather than using a one-size-fits-all method. We offer a range of guidance, options, and support throughout the program to help you identify and refine your strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. We provide a wide variety of workshops, mentorships, career advisors, industry connections and extracurricular activities to help you develop the insight, skills and abilities you need to succeed. This personalized approach sets IE apart from other leading universities. Not only does it set you up for greater success, but our approach is valued by recruiters seeking graduates who have undergone this transformative process and have received a highly personalized education.

What is the International MBA student profile?

The International MBA is a business program aimed at professionals with an average of six years of work experience. The average age in the classroom is 29, and the program is open to students of any academic and/or professional background, which enriches the learning experience and promotesdiversity.

What is the length and format of the International MBA?

The International MBA is a full-time program taught in Madrid and you can chose to complete it in 11, 15 or 19 months. We offer two different intakes: one in January and one in September.​

What is the structure of the International MBA?

The International MBA is a highly customizable program where you can choose 50% of the content, thus tailoring the program to your professional goals. It is divided into four periods. The first two are the “Core” periods of the program, which cover all the business fundamentals. In the third and fourth periods, you will choose a practical “Lab” period, followed by your choice of electives or a concentration to add to your knowledge.

What is the difference between the Master in Management and the International MBA?

The Master in Management is designed for recent graduates with two years or less of work experience, the average age being 29 years. The International MBA, on the other hand, is for more experienced professionals with a minimum of three years of work experience after graduation from university, the average age being 30 years. If you are unsure which program is right for you, please reach out to the Global Recruitment team.

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