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International MBA 50th Class
Welcome to a transformational program where you’ll learn to turn your talent into a career that fuels your passion. The International MBA is a one-year, full-time program that provides the real-world learning and essential resources to manage and grow a business in our ever-changing, globalized and digital world.

Designed for business professionals and entrepreneurs with a minimum of three years of work experience, this program offers a 360º view of the world of work. Participants will improve their management skills, boost their career potential and gain invaluable leadership skills.

Today’s disruptive business world requires an enhanced vision and a strategic skillset. With your success in mind, the International MBA is a fully immersive, customizable program that utilizes hands-on learning methods to create transformational leaders. Over the course of the program, you will expand your entrepreneurial mindset and learn how to build an international career.

The time to reinvent the world around you is now. Take the opportunity to rethink business and implement your own ideas to make a lasting impact. Welcome to YOUR International MBA.

11 months


English or Bilingual (English & Spanish)




September & January





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Today’s fast-moving business landscape presents a world of unprecedented opportunities—it’s a complex space for managers and organizations to navigate. Tomorrow’s companies are looking for professionals with a future-forward mindset to solve new, multi-dimensional business problems. And society is in desperate need of entrepreneurs to shake up the status quo.

The International MBA will set you apart as a change-maker who has the ability to critically analyze and develop disruptive business models. At IE Business School, we introduced Liquid Learning before online learning became the new normal—giving us more time to perfect our methodologies.
International MBA | IE Business School


IE Business School is a top-ranked global academic hub committed to enhancing positive change through education, research and innovation. We take pride in our ability to prepare for whatever is coming next, especially in today’s rapidly evolving world. Our work over the past 40 years only proves how we can quickly and steadily adapt to an ever-changing environment.

International MBA | IE Business School


An International MBA is vital training for professionals or entrepreneurs wanting to succeed in today’s constantly evolving international business world. During the program, you will cultivate a transformational mindset and hone your leadership skills by joining one of the most renowned global business networks on the planet. This year, our full-time International MBA program is proudly celebrating its 50th intake—acknowledging 50 classes of alumni who are a part of this global network and continue to transform their businesses and sectors.

This is YOUR IMBA, and you are the architect of your own future.

Liquid Learning in the Classroom

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Agility, flexibility and fluidity are key to navigating today’s increasingly digital, constantly changing world.

At IE University we have developed Liquid Learning, a unique and evidence-based educational model that transcends conventional learning methodologies and platforms by fusing physical and digital learning spaces so that you can access first-rate education, no matter where you are.

In the particular case of the International MBA, you are expected to attend your classes in person. However, if you are unable to attend for justifiable reasons, you have the possibility to participate remotely as a temporary solution.

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5 reasons to study an International MBA


In today’s thriving job market, it’s imperative for you to stand out from the rest and become a leader of tomorrow. With programs specialized in fostering leadership, such as the Transformational Leadership program, you’ll have access to opportunities that will act as a catalyst for both your personal and professional growth—showing you what it takes to be a leader of tomorrow. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to showcase your talent and drive change with confidence.


This highly customizable program puts you in the driver’s seat of your education, with the core, lab and elective periods each offering unique options for personalization. From experiential labs to elective periods, the International MBA’s options for personalization are endless—with over 120 elective courses to choose from. What’s more, you can complete an international exchange at one of our partner schools around the world and extend the program for six months to have access to even more study options.


How does Amazon Alexa enter a new segment? How does Iberia improve their customer experience before, during and after travel? The International MBA is an immersive educational experience where you will learn to solve challenges that top companies face. You will use the conceptual knowledge and acquired skills to go beyond the classroom and put your ideas into action. You and your trailblazing peers will get the chance to work with seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts through internships and hands-on projects.


During the program, you’ll take your desire to change the world and turn it into an international career, with both a social and sustainable impact. Through opportunities such as the social impact lab, you’ll collaborate with future-forward thought-leaders, innovation practitioners and academics at IE Business School—helping you build up your network of global leaders. Create a brighter, more sustainable future and help organizations shape and design the innovative realities needed to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.


By immersing yourself in the real world, you’ll learn to push down barriers and drive change. Be part of a classroom made up of unconventional thinkers from around the globe and explore your potential in a truly diverse environment—with a class made up of more than 70 nationalities. You’ll also gain access to the IE Business School global community of 65,000+ alumni. Learn from others and let their experiences fuel your growth.

International MBA 50th class

Each and every International MBA alum has gone through a unique process of transformation. And to celebrate the program’s 50th intake and the way in which it continues to develop change-makers year after year, we’ve asked some of these leaders to share their stories. Learn more about how they have reinvented the world and continue to make an impact. Like them, we invite you to bring your talents to the International MBA and spark change within your sector and organization.

"In the more than 30 years of working with my company, I have relocated and changed jobs 12 times. I believe it was Sheryl Sandberg who said that “leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.» That is my mantra."
Gerhard Peter Gross, Daimler Financial Services | President & CEO
Graduation year: 1985
"Upon completing the MBA, I started my journey with Coca-Cola back in Colombia in 1997 as the Public Affairs & Communications Manager. Filled with wonderful experiences, my journey with the company continued, leading me to public affairs, communications and sustainability—an area I worked in for the Latin American and Asia-Pacific regions."
Pablo Largacha, The Coca-Cola Company | Vice President, Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability
Gratuation year: 1992
"I am a leader and a fast-paced entrepreneur, and after completing the International MBA at IE Business School, I have developed a business mindset that is open to new and innovative ideas and approaches to solving problems. Professionally, I have high multicultural team management skills, and can communicate fluently in Chinese, Spanish and English. For me, my greatest accomplishment has been launching and directing AliExpress local strategy for Southern Europe."
Estela Ping Ye , Alibaba Group | AliExpress Senior Director Spain-Italy-Portugal
Graduation year: 2002

Dual Degrees with the International MBA

IE's Dual Degrees allow you to pursue two disciplines while gaining insight from different perspectives and ways of thinking in less than two years. You’ll cover the contents of two master’s programs—and graduate with two diplomas.

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Students must meet the following conditions and requirements to be officially enrolled and entitled to request the official university degree upon completion of the master program. If educational prerequisites are not provided and/or if the requirements are not met on time, the student will not be able to request the official university degree as issued by the Spanish government. In this case, the studies will not be official under Spanish educational regulations.

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