Giselle Saati

They don’t tell you how to solve problems, you just have to be creative and figure it out on your own. This is something I face, both as a business woman, and as a gemologist. I need to examine each piece carefully to find the perfect way to put it all together, without the appearance of them ever having been apart. In both of these roles, I see myself as a problem-solver, and I enjoy the challenges on a personal and professional level.

For me, Crossfit is vital

The sky's the limit in terms of what you can achieve. Training doesn't just help me stay strong and healthy, it’s about staying positive, and building a powerful character that prepares me mentally for the challenges I face in life.

Set goals that are specific, realistic and congruent with your values. Then you will feel joy and gratitude when living your dreams.<
Gisselle Saati - International MBA

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