The stories

Meet IE Business School’s Dream-Doers.

Enrique Solís

Enrique shares insights on how ideas are born. Entrepreneur and world traveler, he tells us the secrets to having two successful companies.

Karim Parra

Is it possible to remain level-headed in a fast-paced, high-risk industry? Karim says it’s all about being present in the moment.

Oleksandr Bondarenko

Oleksandr sees life, business and his start-up like a game of chess: make sure you are always two-steps ahead.

Kirti Srivastava

Kirti tells us how being a global nomad and salsa dancing go hand-in-hand. It’s all about making the right moves.

Giselle Saati

What can be as strong as a diamond? Meet Giselle, gemologist and an athlete.