Kirti Srivastava

To prove yourself you need to have very clear goals. Unfortunately, being a woman means that you often have to work twice as hard as men to make a name for yourself. We need to acknowledge this and refuse to let it slow us down. I have 10 years of banking experience in both investment and private banking in Singapore and Dubai. I have also lived in India and Spain, and I think living in multicultural environment has shaped me into who I am. It’s broadened my mind, allowing me to see things from different perspectives.

Salsa is a very important part of my life

it has helped me get to know myself and have fun. It has allowed me to travel and meet people with shared interests, aside from dancing. Salsa has also taught me about trust; you need to trust your partner, to rely on him while dancing. In a way, you learn to communicate without words.

as a woman I have no country, as a woman my country is the whole world - Virginia Woolf<
Kirti Srivastava - International MBA

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