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Pamela Zuluaga

About me

Having completed my undergraduate degree in Colombia, I moved to Spain for my first Master in Finance at CUNEF. It was also at this time I completed my first internship at Orey as a Private Equity Intern. Later, I joined EY as a Senior Consultant for Financial Forensics and went on to join Grant Thornton Spain as a Manager for Financial Advisory Services. I was eager to learn more and grow my wealth of knowledge in finance, so I decided to complete another master at IE Business School—specifically their Master in Finance. After graduating, I landed my current role, Equity Research Analyst for EU Banks at Credit Suisse. It’s based just outside the financial capital of Europe, London, where I currently live.

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"I needed to offset my lack of specific experience in equity research and dive into the technicalities of finance that would ultimately set her apart. This brought me to IE."

Pamela Zuluaga

Pamela Zuluaga, a graduate of IE Business School’s Master in Finance, takes an ambitious approach to life and is always striving to improve. Having lived in multiple cities around the world—including Bogotá, Madrid and London—Pamela doesn’t let anything stand in her way. She has crafted her own success, achieving her dream job as an equity research analyst. She finds herself to be very lucky to have found a profession she’s deeply passionate about. 

Originally, Pamela studied industrial engineering for her bachelor’s degree and imagined herself working for renewable energy companies. However, when she had the opportunity to branch out into other departments, she explored finance and realized her true passion. Although that first finance class may have been the only class she’s ever failed, it somehow fueled her ambition to be better. In the early stages of her financial career, she was a consultant in financial forensics and earned more responsibility very quickly. However, she pressed pause on her progression as a consultant because she soon realized she wanted to pursue equity research.

Pamela decided she needed to offset her lack of specific experience in equity research and dive into the technicalities of finance that would ultimately set her apart. This brought her to IE University’s Master in Finance program, and she hasn’t looked back since. Describing her experience as one full of opportunities, diversity and networking, she highlighted the valuable connections she made during her program’s trips to New York and London. 

Currently living in London—the financial center of Europe—she hones in on the importance of balancing her professional and personal life. To boost her energy and mood, Pamela makes time for her passions such as volleyball and ballet. She also makes it a point to spend quality time with her family and friends, who have been fundamental to her as she’s tackled her professional goals.

With the goal to encourage other women to reach their true potential, Pamela has spoken at Women in Finance events held at IE University, which she herself remembers fondly during her time in the program. Within Credit Suisse, Pamela takes part in Women Connect, a similar initiative that encourages open dialogue and sharing of ideas to facilitate the development of women in a confidential, collaborative and inclusive environment.  

It doesn’t stop there for Pamela, though. Now that she’s landed her dream job, she is striving to be a top ranked analyst. In her current role, she covers Southern European banks, specifically in Italy and Spain.

Pamela’s time at IE University set her up for the successful career she had envisioned. As a current leader, Pamela recommends that future financial leaders take advantage of the opportunities presented to them, emphasizing the value of teamwork as an enriching experience. She believes that people are the best versions of themselves when they work as a team.

To learn more about Pamela, you can connect with her on LinkedIn