MBAs & Executive MBAs

It's your moment. Seize it with our MBAs

No matter what your professional profile is, we have programs designed to amplify your skills and experience so they are heard globally.

Our MBAs and Executive MBAs are more than just a means to an end. They’re a comprehensive, personal and professional life balancing, world-ranked journey where each step is as important as the last and each apparent end is just a door to a new opportunity.


We have in our arsenal some of the world’s most groundbreaking MBAs, consistently placed at the top of industry recognized rankings.

International MBA

Our full-time International MBA is an expedition into uncharted business heights. An intense full-time program designed to create an environment for transformation, a hothouse for unconventional thinking. Only for the brave.

Take me there January & September | English & Spanish | Full-Time

Global MBA

Transformation & Disruption. Blend your personal, professional and academic life in our 18- month, internationally focused Global MBA.

Take me there April & September | English | Blended


Bringing together two elite institutions, we offer a course that cracks open the egg of international
commercial knowledge on a global level, through understanding Asia, for both business students and executives alike.

Take me there November | English | Blended

Dual Degree International MBA + Big Data

Transform your business with powerful data insights.

Take me there April | ENGLISH | Full Time

Discover more Dual Degrees with International MBA

Optimize your ability to offer a desirable mix of both managerial skill and field-specific know-how within your company.

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Executive MBAs

For working professionals with at least five years’ experience. We turn professionals into leaders that impact.

Executive MBA

Our blended, flagship Executive MBA takes your professional career to new destinations without having to sacrifice your personal life along the way.

Take me there April & September | English | Blended

Global Executive MBA

Take your already proven managerial expertise on a journey around the world. The Global Executive MBA is for executives of the highest level who want to deepen their understanding, broaden their reach and continue breaking boundaries.

Take me there May & October | English | Blended

IE Brown Executive MBA

Two elite institutions with expertise in business, the humanities, and social science: a blended virtual campus experience and in-the-flesh world-renowned learning. It combines different worlds and will expand yours.

Take me there March | English | Blended

Executive MBA (en Español)

Delivered in the world’s second most spoken language, our flagship Executive MBA takes your professional career to an international level, in a part-time or blended format.

Take me there Feb, March & October | Spanish | Blended & Part-Time


Optimize your ability to offer a desirable mix of both managerial skills and field-specific know-how within your company.

With IE Business School you can pursue your passion times two by taking one of our dual degrees. This multi-discipline, postgraduate program will help you on your formative journey to large-scale, change-driven leadership.

A dual degree gives you the competitive edge. In pursuing a rigorous, academically satisfying focused program, you will help to cement your career goals, realize your vision, and feed your desire to be a leader in your chosen industry.

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