Being an undergraduate or master student is an exhilarating, life-changing experience that builds the foundations on which students will build their future.

Yet our students,  coming from around the globe to study at IE University in Madrid or Segovia, must successfully tackle many challenges to take full advantage of their university experience – for example they need to rise to heavy academic demands, integrate socially in a diverse community, find an appropriate work/life balance, and learn to manage stress, ambiguity and change.

The Advanced Seminars Program is designed to give IE undergraduates a “life advantage”, providing them with a practical understanding and set of tools to boost their performance in the three core areas of Body, Mind and Purpose.

Who: All Undergraduate and Master students at IE University (Madrid, Segovia).

When: Each Semester, various modules will be proposed. These seminars are offered to master students and to undergraduate students across all the  years of their Bachelors programs in all IE Schools.

How: 6 week modules with group training once a week, and experiential projects and activities. Write to wellbeingcenter@ie.edu for more information.


Attention is a limited cognitive resource, that in today’s digital world is being overwhelmed by information and interruption. Inside and outside the classroom, students struggle to maintain an engaged, active focus and -- choosing thoughtfully how best to use this precious resource.

This workshop introduces students to the surprising science of attention, invites them to assess and track their own attention (and distraction!), and gives them digital and behavioral tools they can use to better improve their attentional performance inside and outside the classroom.

Who: All Masters students in the IE School of Human Sciences & Technology.

When: Start of the Fall term.

How: The workshop method involves attentional self-assessment, interactive presentation and discussion, an experiential attention-tracking project, and post-project assessment and debriefing.

Resetting Homo Sapiens Podcast (RHS)

Resetting Homo Sapiens is a podcast created and led by a team of IE University students who believe it is time to reset our species. Every two weeks we sit with a pioneer in health, well-being, or happiness to find out how they are advancing a more purposeful, sustainable, and joyful way of leading our businesses and lives. Learn more

Our Golden Circle

  • Because we believe that a more purposeful, sustainable, and joyful future for individuals and organizations is possible and that it is in our collective power to discover it.
  • By satisfying your need for both individuation and community.
  • Through a science-based approach combined with the lived expertise of students.
  • A podcast that interviews experts on health, well-being, and happiness.
  • Resetting Homo Sapiens After Hours

Resetting Homo Sapiens After Hours: Building on the topics introduced on the RHS podcast, the RHS After Hours consist of monthly meetings open to the IE Community that aim to promote critical thinking and offer students the opportunity to participate in our movement. Follow us on IG: @resettinghomosapiens



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