Undergraduate Positive Performance Program

Being and undergraduate student is an exhilarating, life-changing experience that builds the foundations on which students will build their future. Yet our undergraduates,  coming from around the globe to study at IE University in Madrid or Segovia, must successfully tackle many challenges to take full advantage of their university experience – for example they need to rise to heavy academic demands, integrate socially in a diverse community, find an appropriate work/life balance, and learn to manage stress, ambiguity and change.

The Undergraduate Positive Performance Program is designed to give IE undergraduates a “life advantage”, providing them with a practical understanding and set of tools to boost their performance in the three core areas of Body, Mind and Purpose.

Who: All Undergraduate students at IE University (Madrid, Segovia).

When: Starting Spring 2019, various modules will be piloted and then rolled-out over the academic year 2019/20.  These modules are offered to students across the four years of their Bachelors programs.

How: 4-8 week modules with group training once a week, and experiential projects and activities.

High-Performance Attention

Attention is a limited cognitive resource, that in today’s digital world is being overwhelmed by information and interruption. Inside and outside the classroom, students struggle to maintain an engaged, active focus  and -- choosing thoughtfully how best to use this precious resource.

This workshop introduces students to the surprising science of attention, invites them to assess and track their own attention (and distraction!), and gives them digital and behavioral tools they can use to better improve their attentional performance inside and outside the classroom.

Who: All Masters students in the IE School of Human Sciences & Technology.

When: Start of the Fall term.

How: The workshop method involves attentional self-assessment, interactive presentation and discussion, an experiential attention-tracking project, and post-project assessment and debriefing.

Mindfulness-Based Strategic Attention – Teacher Training Program

Mindfulness is an invaluable tool to help us better manage and understand their own in-the-moment experiences – motions, thoughts, and behaviors. Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT) is a methodology applying mindfulness concepts for real-world performance. It helps people to observe with a more discerning and open quality that enables wise choices and innovative ideas —for the benefit of individuals, their teams, and society at large.

The Teacher Training Program (MBSAT-TT) is for experienced mindfulness practitioners who wish to be certified to teach MBSAT to others.

Who: Experienced mindfulness practitioners who work/want to work as coaches, counselors, or in corporate HR/Talent Development.

How: A one-year part-time program that requires:  two 6-day residential training modules in Madrid, a 1-week silent retreat that can be done individually, at-home/work study and practice, interaction with program faculty, and delivery and certification of an 8-Week mindfulness intervention.

Executive Master in Positive Leadership, Strategy & Transformation

Positive Psychology is the science of human performance focusing on identifying the factors that drive greatness and developing methods to train people and teams to perform at their best. When applied to management, Positive Leadership becomes a powerful catalyst allowing already successful executives to rethink business issues with a behavior-focused mindset and to develop constructive, sustainable solutions to address their most pressing organizational and commercial challenges.

Who: Executives seeking to take their leadership skills to the next level using a behavioral approach.

When: Every April a new group of participates is accepted into the program.

How: This part-time program is designed for busy executives and involves four 1-week modules in Madrid, a 1-week social impact consulting project in South Africa, and individual projects applying Positive Leadership techniques on the job.

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