YOUR LEARNING JOURNEY IE wishes to help you and your organization grow by providing tools to professionals with a lifelong learning mindset who seek growth at every stage of their careers.

Lifelong Learning


At IE University, we have carefully streamlined unique learning pathways to help you take control and stay at the cutting edge of your profession. Guided by these programs, you can navigate growth challenges more efficiently. From how your organization can digitalize and exploit data, to how you can personally become a leader with the ability to create purpose and impact in each phase of your professional career.
Masters and Executive Education - Lifelong Learning | IE Alumni

Masters and Executive Education

Our Masters and Executive Education programs are highly impactful and interactive. Participants can choose from over 70 programs that will help further develop their hard and soft skills while offering self-awareness and global perspectives.

At IE University we will always support you in the pursuit of your ambitions. As IE alumni, you may access tuition benefits of up to 25% for our Masters and Executive Education programs. If you are passionate about Lifelong Learning, our admissions team will be happy to provide additional information about the programs and the special conditions for our IE Alumni. Should you need additional aid, you may formally apply for an additional scholarship or loan with our Financial Aid Department.

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Online Executive Education - Lifelong Learning | IE Alumni

Online Executive Education

Learn over a period of five weeks in the convenience of your home, at your own pace with IE´s High Impact Online Programs. Learn from our top faculty, connect with other professionals and earn an IE Exponential Learning Certificate with prestigious recognition.

IE Alumni may receive an exclusive, reduced pricing on these programs through the Lifelong Learning Booster, representing a savings from 50%. Find the right program for you and if you wish for more info about the Lifelong Learning Booster, fill out the form below to contact the IE Alumni team.

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We understand how important the decision is to “go back to school” and we would be delighted to help you understand the various benefits available to you as IE alumni. For more information on the Lifelong Learning Booster or any other IE Alumni benefit that may be of your interest (networking, career development, and more), please fill out the form and book a meeting with us.


In today’s rapidly changing business environment, lifelong learning is essential for sustained success and growth. Keep an eye out for Alumni Plus Speaker Series and other impactful learning experiences throughout the year!

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Past Alumni Plus Speaker Series

The Fate of Democracy in the 21st Century

What is democracy, and what are its primary challenges and opportunities? Is democracy the best system for political governance in the 21st century? With the rise of populism and recent challenges to the liberal international order, there is no better time than now to ask these fundamental questions about the future of humanity.


Leadership Skills for Recovery

In a time of rapid change, senior executives need a new set of skills to enable them to anticipate potential changes and develop strategic plans to overcome them. This session aims to help bold leaders acquire the tools of resilience to help them deal with the most complex situations.


Gayle Allard: Quantifying the effects of "black swan" events like COVID-19

A black swan is an unpredictable event that is characterized by its extreme rarity, severe impact, and the widespread insistence that it was obvious… in hindsight. How will the coronavirus affect us and how will we recover?


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