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Europe and the Conflict in the Digital Domain


Europe’s security and financial strength are under threat from its lack of technological leadership. As conflicts and geopolitics become increasingly digitalized, Oscar Jonsson looks at how Europe can ensure its cyber sovereignty and prevent itself from falling behind in the tech arms race.

The Revenge of the Precariat


Just as the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on often-overlooked essential workers, so should it increase our appreciation for the back-end labor that goes into the digital economy. Most of today's tech giants simply wouldn't exist without the contributions of "low-skilled" workers.

Representation, Now Taxation


Biden will inherit a tax system rigged to deepen inequality. He’ll need corporate America’s help to fix it.

Free Trade Is Over


Under a potential Biden administration, protectionism may be more targeted and subtle—but it isn’t going anywhere.

America’s Inequality Election


In 2016, Trump triumphed in places where inequality is lower but economies are more stagnant. But now inequality is rising everywhere.

How to Govern the New Digital Domain


For too long, and on too many issues, policymakers have left the governance of technology in the hands of those who design it. Governments face three imperatives in mitigating the digital economy’s negative effects, and they can no longer afford to stand by.

Your data’s being sold to undermine society’s well-being; here’s how to get it back


Every night, your phone sends your personal information to corporations around the world. The impact of the 'data economy' has been catastrophic, both personally and politically. Here the author of Privacy Is Power explains how you can start to take the power back.

The Siren Song of Scranton


Since the Industrial Revolution, economic activity has tended to concentrate in a few ever-expanding urban hubs. But now that the COVID-19 crisis has acquainted everyone with the benefits of remote work, many of the factors that have traditionally attracted talent and capital to megacities are suddenly in flux.

Challenges of Central Bank Digital Currencies and Cryptocurrencies


Have cryptocurrencies failed their own vision? Are we better off with digital currencies issued by central banks? And who should govern the very foundation of money?