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O la gente percibe los beneficios de la disrupción o se rebelará contra ella


Carl Benedikt Frey expone su preocupación por el impacto de la automatización en la destrucción de trabajos y las desigualdades económicas que genera.

An Innovation Agenda for Europe


The European Union has everything it needs to be a global leader in technology and innovation. The EU’s new leadership team should therefore act immediately to create a strong innovation ecosystem, complete the digital single market, and robustly defend free, open, and rules-based competition.

Privacy is power


Don’t just give away your privacy to the likes of Google and Facebook – protect it, or you disempower us all.

Inteligencia artificial: ¿progreso o retroceso?


No avanzaremos si el futuro digital perpetúa los errores del pasado. Si por cada euro que se invierte en nuevos algoritmos se invirtiera otro en regulación, habría más razones para ser optimistas sobre el porvenir.

La guerra fría tecnológica que se avecina


La competencia entre Estados Unidos y China por el talento del siglo XXI, representado en el dominio del ‘big data’ y la inteligencia artificial, podría dar lugar a una reacción más aguda contra la globalización.

The Age of Nostalgia


The world is marching backward into the future. Millions of people, particularly in advanced economies, believe that life was better 50 years ago: Job opportunities abounded, local communities were intact, and the pace of technological change was manageable. In today’s epidemic of nostalgia, yesterday is associated with progress; tomorrow with stasis or regression.

The Coming Technological Cold War


The conflict between the United States and China over trade and technology is an increasingly high-stakes zero-sum affair. And it is not just about amassing data and talent to achieve economic and geostrategic primacy; like the original Cold War, it is also about the future of liberal democracy.

Common Sense for A.I. Is a Great Idea


At the moment, artificial intelligence may have perfect memories and be better at arithmetic than us, but they are clueless. It takes a few seconds of interaction with any digital assistant to realize one is not in the presence of a very bright interlocutor.

What If Banks Were the Main Protectors of Customers’ Private Data?


The ability to collect and exploit consumers’ personal data has long been a source of competitive advantage in the digital economy. It is their control and use of this data that has enabled the likes of Google, Amazon, Alibaba, and Facebook to dominate online markets.