The Center for the Governance of Change conducts pioneering, transdisciplinary research in policy and business, aimed at deepening our understanding of change and developing strategies that help us adapt to the future. It does so by acting as an international platform that brings together the world’s top experts in each field.

European Tech Insights

Mapping European Attitudes Towards Technological Change and its Governance.
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A new social contract
for the digital age

This research program analyzes the fracture of our social contract from various perspectives, to advance realistic solutions for future agreements.
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The Geopolitics of
Artificial Intelligence

This project analyzes the rise of AI and reflects on its economic, political and social implications on a global scale.
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Data, privacy
& the individual

This research project focuses on how European companies and organizations can embrace the GDPR while remaining competitive and improving their services and decision-making processes.
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Crypto Currencies
and the Future of Finance

This program's primary objective is to generate a comprehensive overview of the role cryptocurrencies could and should play in modern society, and how they might be governed.
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This project aims to create a multi-level theory that explains why certain technologies are met with more social and political resistance than others.
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Innovation, Sustainability
and the Future of Healthcare

This program considers the future of the healthcare system, in a new medical paradigm that integrates new technology and embraces demographic, social and political change.
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The Fourth

This project supports SEGIB and UNDP's ongoing efforts to advance a new ecosystem for benefit-driven enterprises that will help create a more prosperous, socially just and environmentally sustainable economy.
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Drivers of Change: Sovereign Wealth

This Project generates knowledge, research and awareness on sovereign investors, representing new ways of long-term and state capitalism in the 21st-century economy.
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