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8 may 2019

Empresas con propósito: el futuro de la economía sostenible en Iberoamérica

IE University, Serrano 105, 28006 18:30, Madrid, Spain, Español


27 mar 2019

Drivers of Change: Sovereign Wealth Funds Report 2018

9:30, London and Madrid, , Spanish


19 mar 2019

European Tech Insights 2019

IE University, Serrano 105, 28006 18:00, Madrid, Spain, English


1 mar 2019

CFP – Resistance to Innovation and Technological Change

Center for the Governance of Change 23:30, , English


15 nov 2018

Urban Innovation Hubs

María de Molina, 4 17:30, Madrid, Spain, English


11 apr 2018

GovTech Venture Day

Auditorio Rafael del Pino, Calle Rafael Calvo, 39A 16:00, Madrid, España, English



The Center actively engages in public debate at an international level. Learn more about some of our op-eds and media appearances below.

The Coming Technological Cold War

The conflict between the United States and China over trade and technology is an increasingly high-stakes zero-sum affair. And it is not just about amassing data and talent to achieve economic and geostrategic primacy; like the original Cold War, it is also about the future of liberal democracy.

The Digital Revolution’s Silent Majority

An abiding mystery of the twenty-first-century economy is tepid productivity growth despite the emergence of cutting-edge technologies with the potential to disrupt entire industries. But there could be a simple explanation: the attention these technologies receive is wildly disproportionate to their scale and scope.

Economic Growth Is No Longer Enough

As new technologies subject the world’s economies to massive structural change, wages are no longer playing the central redistributive role they once did. Unless the decoupling of productivity and wages is addressed, the political convulsions many countries are experiencing will only intensify.

No es la tecnología, sino su gobernanza, lo que salvará la democracia

El inmovilismo rara vez es una opción y las nuevas tecnologías no son intrínsecamente contrarias al orden liberal que las ha creado.

Populism And The Need For A New Social Contract

The Western world is at the gates of a deep and prolonged political convulsion. What connects apparently isolated developments such as Brexit, the rise of the Front National in France, or the nomination of Donald Trump as Republican candidate to the presidency of the United States, is a broad breakdown of trust in the liberal order and the elites that represent it.

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