The Center for the Governance of Change is an impact-oriented educational institution, with a focus on applied research, that seeks to enhance our ability to understand, anticipate, and manage innovation in the political, economic, and social spheres.

Our world is changing faster than ever before. By 2030, nearly 50% of the jobs available today will be automated or outsourced. Big data and AI will play a key role in every policy and decision-making process. Three out of four companies currently on the S&P 500 list will no longer exist. The life expectancy of babies born in the developed world will have surpassed 125 years, and democracy as a form of government could be called into question by half of the western world.

These are just a few of the many changes that our globalized and interconnected world will likely experience in the coming decades. Society is changing more drastically and quicker than mankind has experienced before, and as a result the time that governments, companies and individuals have to adapt is shrinking. This has rendered the understanding of a change a major strategic advantage for all stakeholders.

With the aim of advancing that understanding, the IE School of Global and Public Affairs has created the Center for the Governance of Change (CGC), an impact-oriented educational institution, with a focus on applied research, that will help governments and enterprises foster technological innovation, and deal with the unexpected consequences that innovation often brings. This will allow them to become more flexible and responsive institutions, capable of tackling the great challenges of our time. The ultimate goal of the CGC is to help build a more prosperous and sustainable society.

What we do


The Center hosts a number of cutting-edge, transdisciplinary research programs designed to broaden our understanding of some of the most pressing challenges of our time, and generate the right policy options to tackle them.


The Center expands IE's teaching portfolio by offering new undergraduate and graduate courses, executive programs and study tours to international enterprises interested in up-skilling their leadership.


The Center runs several outreach projects, including public conferences, open workshops, a lecture series at the South Summit, and an annual Venture Day on Gov Tech.

Our Partners

The CGC in four words:


We support cutting-edge, high-risk research projects that might not necessarily fit within conventional funding channels. We do this because we are convinced that the complexity and rate of change in today’s world requires risk taking on the part of academic institutions. We are not a traditional university research unit, and we do not want to be one!


We invest in research that cuts across disciplines and methodologies, bringing together academics and practitioners from a wide range of fields –from economics and political science, to philosophy and engineering. We do this because breaking intellectual boundaries is a prerequisite for understanding the complexity of our world.


Even though the CGC is based in Spain, it nonetheless addresses issues on both a regional and global scale. Domestic issues are no longer applicable in our interconnected world, rendering transnational and comparative perspectives a must.


The future belongs to those who know how to collaborate and work together. The CGC works closely with a number of partners from both the public and the private sectors, including universities, think tanks, foundations, governments and international companies.