Hands-on Initiatives

The world of entrepreneurship at IE University is a robust and inspiring ecosystem of events, initiatives, pitches, brainstorms, competitions, and more. Here, you can find what you’re passionate about, discover new skills, and maybe even make your ideas a reality.


Become your own type of entrepreneur with our diverse selection of mind-opening and skill-building initiatives. Whether you want to start a local tree-planting business or go global with a groundbreaking app idea, you’ll find your place at IE University.

Our initiatives are powerful tools for growth, a way for you to hone the skills, mindset, and behaviors needed for success in any company and any industry. These skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Creativity
  • Resilience
  • Adaptability
  • Risk management
  • Sales/marketing savvy
  • Financial literacy
  • Leadership

Become a persuasive presenter by pitching valuable ideas, boost your confidence at networking events, sharpen your business savvy in a startup lab, strengthen your leadership abilities in group projects… The experience is what you make it. Make it count.

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Did one of our initiatives pique your interest? Get in touch and we’ll help you get the ball rolling. Your journey starts today.


Venture Lab | IE Entrepreneurship

Venture labs

Our startup accelerator is the IE Venture Lab , which helps teams create ready-to-launch startup projects. It’s open to all our students and alumni and offered as an elective within the International MBA program.

IE Entrepreneurship Club

Created by students, for students, this club creates unique initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in the IE Community and beyond.

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IE Startup Experience

This initiative serves as a bridge, connecting talented individuals with promising startups, fostering collaboration and the growth of the entrepreneurial community at IE. In this platform, IE startups can post their available positions, while current IE Students can explore and find opportunities to gain valuable entrepreneurial experience.


Venture Networks Area 31 | IE Entrepreneurship

Venture Networks

Every Thursday at 7pm in Area 31, you can join in the fun to pitch, brainstorm, and network with potential investors in an informal setting. These sessions are open to students, entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone curious about startups and entrepreneurship.

Venture days - entrepreneurship

Madrid Venture days

IE Venture Days hosted in Madrid are full- or half-day conferences and start-up pitch competitions where you can meet and mingle with startups, investors, corporations, accelerators, and industry experts.

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Venture day Dublin

On June 27, 2024, Dublin will be the hub for the latest edition of IE International Venture Days. IE University and Trinity College Dublin are pleased to introduce Tech & AI Venture Day Dublin.

venture day 2024 chile

Venture day Chile

On June 18th, 2024, Chile will be the hub for the latest edition of IE International Venture Days. IE University and local collaborators are pleased to present the Tech & AI Venture Day Santiago de Chile

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IE University's scaleup training program, led by experienced entrepreneurs, focuses on achieving exponential growth by optimizing sales strategies, raising capital, and developing a data-driven culture. Participants gain actionable insights into pricing, scalability, organizational structure, technology management, and leadership, preparing startups for sustainable success.

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Supernovas Women2Invest, organized by the EIT Community and delivered by IE University, empowers women with STEAM backgrounds to launch careers in venture capital. The program covers startup fundamentals, the European VC market, business model analysis, due diligence, valuation, term sheets, negotiation skills, portfolio management, impact investing, and exit strategies, along with internship opportunities at VC funds, ensuring participants gain the skills and connections needed to succeed in the VC industry.

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IE University designs and executes intrapreneurship programs that guide corporate teams in developing internal innovation projects, leveraging extensive expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation. Our programs cultivate an innovation culture, engaging participants to generate and implement valuable new ideas within their organizations


South Summit

Since its founding in 2012, South Summit has grown into a leading annual entrepreneurship event that has attracted more than 25,000 startups from more than 120 countries, and has achieved more than $10 billion invested in our finalists.

What we focus on:

  • Getting new funding for startups
  • Discovering open innovation initiatives by connecting startups to corporations looking to disrupt
  • Connecting startups to potential future partners and clients
  • Giving startups visibility and reach
  • Inspiring the world through mentors, success stories, business leaders, and experts, etc
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Ranking international investors
Ranking international investors
IE members at South Summit Brazil 2023
South Summit Conference in Brazil event 2023
South Summit ship party in Brazil 2023
South Summit ship party in Brazil 2023
South Summit Conference in Brazil event 2023
South Summit Conference in Brazil event 2023
IE Stand at South Summit Brazil 2023
South Summit 2023 - the next 50
South Summit 2023 - the next 50
South Summit Conference in Brazil event 2023
South Summit Conference in Brazil event 2023
Venture Days | IE Entrepreneurship

International Venture Days

Bringing together startups, investors, corporations, accelerators, and industry experts, IE Venture Days are international events that support and nurture the entrepreneurial community by providing a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration, fostering innovation and the growth of startups.


Elle Talent Project

In partnership with IE Business School, Elle Magazine hosts an exciting competition that celebrates the ambitions of young entrepreneurs by seeking out the most inventive, imaginative, and feasible business projects, offering an attractive cash prize and an invaluable full scholarship for the Master in Management program at IE Business School to the winning entry. Bounce your ideas around and be mentored by pros in this innovation incubator.