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  • source{d}

    Our powerful tools can ingest all of the world’s public git repositories turning code into ASTs ready for machine learning and other analyses, all exposed through a flexible and friendly API. We are paving the ...

  • Bioncotech

    Bioncotech Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of a new agent in immuno-oncology. Following approval from the AEMPS to start the clinical development for BO-112, the company began trials in June 2016. ...

  • Turismoi

    The largest marketplace network for tours and activities in Latin America and Spain.

  • Viwomail

    Automatically generate more than 20 formats and resolutions for your video, detecting in real time the device, OS and email server, then using that data to deliver each customer the perfect format.

  • Viajaris

    We have created a revolutionary platform that will facilitate the travel purchasing process and serve millions of users. Viajaris Group takes all of the hassle out of trip planning. Our special COMBEE service offers you ...

  • Tyba

    Fuel your career on Tyba, the preferred career network for start-ups and tech companies. Jobs and internships - it’s all there.

  • Sadako

    SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES is an innovative Spanish company incorporated in 2012, when the founders set out to use technology and engineering to build a better world. As specialists of the latest generation of technological development, particularly ...

  • Respiro

    Rent cars by the hour in Madrid. Escape the fixed costs of car ownership and switch to Respiro Car Sharing

  • Ninjamails

    Fabio Escrigas, Carlos Mateo and Aldo Castelli started Ninjamails in 2015. Through the site, users can send emails to professionals and large companies without knowing their email addresses. Simply open Ninjamails, and search the name ...

  • Másmóvil

    With approximately 4.7 million customers, Grupo MÁSMÓVIL is Spain's fourth largest telecommunications operator. They offer fixed, mobile and internet services to residential customers, companies and operators through its main brands: Yoigo, MÁSMÓVIL, Pepephone and Llamaya. ...

  • Marsi Bionics

    Today, 60 million people around the world are dealing with loss of mobility. Of this number, 17 million are children affected by neurological diseases. These individuals also face a number of physiological and psychological conditions. ...

    Marsi Bionics
  • Koiki

    Koiki is an à la carte, eco-friendly delivery and collections service that allows the user to decide where and when they want to get their package. Born in 2013 with an investment of € 500,000, ...

  • Insulclock

    Insulcloud develops medical monitoring systems for chronic diseases. Their Insulclock made them the first company in the world to create a device that registers all data related to insulin pen use. Since 2014, co-founders José ...

  • Foundation for Africa

    The Foundation for Africa is a public-benefit organization for development and aid created by a civil initiative. It was first registered in Hungary in 2002, and later in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in ...

    Foundation for Africa
  • Enomatic

    Enomatic, the wine dispenser that offers new type of consumer experience for Horeca Channel customers.

  • Canard Drones

    We are a dynamic company that designs solutions with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones. We work with clients to fulfill their needs while working with the highest standards in engineering and systems integration. Our ...

    Canard Drones
  • Busuu

    Busuu is the world’s largest social network for language learning, providing courses in 12 different languages to more than 60 million learners worldwide. Sign up for free or subscribe to a premium membership to unlock features like grammar ...

  • Bitbrain

    Neuromarketing is a new approach to market research that allows for the extraction of emotional and cognitive information to measure interest in different brands. Brain image technology, biosensors and eye-tracking technology are employed to read ...