Our Community at the core

At the heart of all we do and why we do it lies our community - the beating pulse that drives our initiatives forward.

Meet our community

Our dynamic community of entrepreneurs never stops moving. Whether they’re pitching ideas, conducting research, or sparking conversation at conferences like South Summit (co-sponsored by IE University), these professionals are teaming up to spearhead change. Mentors connect with students, investors connect with founders, startups connect with other startups at different stages of growth… We put this diverse network at your fingertips, and the rest is in your hands.


Explore some of the groundbreaking startups founded by our students and alumni.


IE University's extensive network of mentors is made up of entrepreneurs, professionals, investors and successful business experts from various fields, many of whom are successful alumni. Our mentors volunteer their time, leading students by example and offering valuable feedback as they set out on their own entrepreneurial journeys. Thanks to the support of these dedicated individuals, our students face the world with expert insights and confidence in their abilities.


Our Investor-in-Residence program is an optional component of the Venture Lab. The individuals who volunteer their time to the program are successful investors and serial entrepreneurs, looking to use their real-world experience for good in supporting students at the Venture Lab Accelerator. Their insights will provide students with the information they need to prepare for investor negotiations in the future.

our faculty

Discover how our faculty embraces entrepreneurship, leveraging their expertise to drive innovation and create meaningful impact in the academic and business realms.