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Marsi Bionics

Today, 60 million people around the world are dealing with loss of mobility. Of this number, 17 million are children affected by neurological diseases. These individuals also face a number of physiological and psychological conditions. Medical specialists agree that regaining the ability to walk is essential to treating certain illnesses in children, and it allows for a significant improvement in one's quality of life. Marsi Bionics provides the technology to make this possible.

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€ 668,000

earned to date

The team

Profile - Elena García Elena García

Head of innovation

Profile - Manuel Prieto Manuel Prieto

Director of engineering

Profile - Daniel Sanz Merodio Daniel Sanz Merodio

R&D engineer and project manager

Profile - Alberto Plaza Flores Alberto Plaza Flores

R&D engineer

Profile - María Teresa Sánchez Muñoz María Teresa Sánchez Muñoz

Responsible for the coordination and management of I+D+i

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