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Me siento muy afortunado por todas las enriquecedoras experiencias que he podido vivir: desde mi infancia en una zona rural del sur de Italia con una gran gastronomía y cultura artística hasta las distintas oportunidades académicas y profesionales que he tenido a lo largo de mi trayectoria. Como profesor de derecho laboral en IE University, me alegra poder transmitir a mis alumnos las mismas pasiones que compartieron conmigo mis mentores. En mi tiempo libre, me gusta dedicarme a la fotografía y hacer todo tipo de actividades al aire libre. Estos hobbies me permiten tomarme un descanso de mi vida profesional haciendo lo que me gusta.

From Italy to around the world: The future of work with Antonio Aloisi

Professor Antonio Aloisi grew up in a small village in Salento, rural Italy before moving to Milan to study law at Bocconi University. Just like many of his students today, Antonio went to college far from his hometown. But thanks to the support he got from his university, he ran for a seat on the school’s board of directors, which not only helped him make new connections, but spurred on his future academic and professional life.

While studying, he discovered his passion for understanding the dynamics of collective action and the social dimensions of modern society while beginning his professional journey at an international law firm. Then, during a gap semester in London, he realized that he wanted to dedicate his professional life to shaping the future of work. The guidance he would later receive from his mentors while doing his doctorate in business and social law at Bocconi University fueled his passion for socio-legal studies.

Today, Antonio focuses his research on the impact of digital transformation on labor markets—specifically in terms of platform or gig economy. Through his diverse project portfolio, he’s had the opportunity to work in top institutions like the European University Institute where he gained important educational experiences and high-quality guidance from mentors and colleagues. Antonio has also collaborated with the Italian Ministry of Education on policies to reform education. Working to turn the bureaucracy-filled ministry into a source of innovation was difficult but also brought him incredible insights about how to drive change. His academic and professional successes have also taken him to the United States where he made lasting connections and gained experience working in criminal law.

Before he joined the IE University faculty, Antonio collaborated with IE Law School on his ongoing professional endeavors. His drive paid off as he won a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship, and was awarded a research grant by the European Commission. But Antonio’s projects do more than just nurture innovation in the job market—they allow him to share up-to-the-minute insights and tools with his students. He says that the creative spirit and diversity of the university help him create the best educational experience in his classes. He also adds that he appreciates IE Law School’s emphasis on comparative methodology which ensures students can tackle the challenges of today’s globalized legal systems.

He says that his students keep him on his toes. Their intriguing input and thought-provoking questions fuel his motivation to dive deeper into his field while challenging him to always adapt his teaching to their needs. Encouraging students to look at legal concepts with a critical eye, Antonio makes sure that he prepares his students for success in today’s ever-changing labor market. Just as IE University empowers Antonio to continually strengthen his practice, he says that teaching ensures that he never gives up on learning.

Antonio’s passions extend far beyond the worlds of law and education. He loves hiking, cycling, and exploring new places—whether it’s a new spot in the city, or an undeveloped island with volcanoes. Antonio also enjoys capturing the nature of people and landscapes with his camera. His Instagram feed is filled with pictures that he says offer a glimpse into the potential of people and places. But no matter where his hobbies take him, this Italian native always goes back to his roots. Antonio says that spending time in the countryside with his dog or snorkeling in the sea allows him to find an inner peace and feel alive.

"Los éxitos más duraderos no son el resultado de espectáculos individuales. Deberíamos evitar ser autosuficientes: las comunidades, donde la autenticidad es la norma, son lo único que importa en tiempos inciertos.
Antonio Aloisi

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