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Exploring new mindsets with the Driving Change with a Growth Mindset program


We all face periods of personal or professional change throughout our lives. It is in how we choose to approach these moments of transformation that dictates our potential for future success. With IE Executive Education’s two-day Driving Change with a Growth Mindset program, participants take part in an intensive deep dive into the individual to observe, explore and foster shifts in mindset. The objective is to enable and encourage constant, positive growth in every area of our lives.

Program Director, Marijo Bos has extensive experience working across cultures and industries, spearheading over 20 programs a year that help leaders explore their potential for transformation.

This program is designed for people that have found themselves at a crossroads, and are looking to reconsider or reaffirm their path forward. Driving Change with a Growth Mindset welcomes a diverse range of professional profiles, ranging from seasoned executives to young, ambitious entrepreneurs. As Marijo explains, “the program is ideal for anybody who’s going through a time in their lives where they need to pause and reflect. It’s about getting people excited about learning that will augment their life.

At the center of the program is the growth mindset, a positive thinking tool that enables constant learning and positive change. According to Marijo, “the growth mindset is truly about waking you up to future possibilities and figuring out how to shift your thinking.”

In order to enact this change, the program is headed by industry experts and leaders in transformation. Peter Weng, Chief Business Officer of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, teaches program participants the importance of mindfulness. Throughout his professional career, Peter has developed a genuine understanding of, and appreciation for, stopping to reflect in a world that moves at a blinding pace. Using a number of mindfulness techniques, Peter will guide the group towards self evaluation, introspection and understanding.

Howard Gordon, co-creator of the breakout TV show Homeland, discusses the value of storytelling techniques in shaping our roles. Howard uses his expertise in identifying and developing individual purpose to fuel change. During these times, we must learn how to channel our inner storyteller to refocus, reconsider and redefine our roles.

Peter Bryant, Professor of Entrepreneurship at IE Business School, unlocks the secrets of the entrepreneurial mindset. Participants will discover how to embrace their own creativity, and see the world through an entrepreneurial lens, identifying new and exciting opportunities at every turn.

Join the Driving Change with a Growth Mindset program and grow your network in an enriching environment that already includes three executives from a multinational company, among others. This is an incredible opportunity to open up a space that encourages sustainable personal and professional growth at all stages in life. With agile coaching available up until 6 months after the program, and a final catch-up webinar, participants are provided guidance as they rethink their journey and enact purposeful and meaningful change in their lives.

Unlock your own growth mindset with IE Executive Education. For more information on this dynamic program, visit the program website www.ie.edu/dcgm or contact us at Rocio.de.Arcenegui@ie.edu.