Our Purpose at IE University

At IE University, we foster positive change through education, research, and innovation.


As a transformative educational institution, we empower students to make their mark on society. By fostering an environment of constant learning, innovation, and cutting-edge research, we prepare them to make a lasting positive impact. What’s more, when they join IE University, they join a supportive international community that lasts a lifetime.

To ensure that community is made up of well-rounded changemakers, we embed sustainability and awareness into everything that we do. From projects and activities focused on combatting climate change, to social initiatives that make a difference locally, the educational experience that our students receive shapes them into active citizens for life.


Harnessing the power of people through diversity

A diverse community embraces the many facets of its people. Thanks to our commitment to diversity, including gender, ethnicity, culture, age, physical appearance, experiences and mindsets, we are able to see the world from a more multifaceted perspective, sparking creativity and compassion throughout the IE experience.

Driving change through innovation

Curiosity is key to stimulating new and sustainable patterns of thinking. At IE University, we innovate education through sector-leading professors, personalized learning and cutting-edge technology in a way that humanizes learning. Our Liquid Learning educational experience elevates the learning journey, helping students curate their path, every step of the way.

Understanding the world through the humanities

The secret to grasping the complexities of our world is by understanding the people that live in it. That’s why we infuse the humanities into everything we do, from incorporating modules into our curriculum, to coordinating arts and cultural initiatives for our whole community. By exploring the human experience, our graduates emerge as well-rounded individuals with an enhanced and more inclusive mindset.

Empowering changemakers through entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial spirit is a way of life—a notion that has underpinned the essence of IE University since its founding. We are committed to empowering students as they find their unique entrepreneurial path and unleash their creativity through trailblazing projects and innovative ideas that make a difference.

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At IE University we’ve thought a lot about how tomorrow’s world will look and what kind of knowledge we must cultivate for our students to thrive in it. We are committed to fostering environmental and ethical stewardship as well as promoting increased awareness and public understanding.

RISE: Women Leadership Program | IE Lifelong Learning


At IE University, diversity stands as a fundamental principle, with our community comprising individuals from over 130 nations. Through the deliberate cultivation of a community that champions fairness and cultivates a strong sense of belonging, our aim is to establish an inclusive atmosphere where every member is valued, acknowledged, and feels completely comfortable.

How is our purpose integrated into our academic programs?


Enjoy the right university experience for you at our truly international university campus in Segovia, and our urban center right in the heart of Madrid’s business district.


Our master's programs are about so much more than academic training. The dynamic and holistic educational experience of IE University will transform your life.

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