Balvinder Singh Powar

Associate Professor at IE Business School and Board Member and Director at Booster Space Industries and Aerdron

Balvinder is a Business & Finance graduate who also studied a Masters in Mediation from the University of London. He has extensive experience leading business, social, cultural, media and technology projects in Spain and internationally. His main skills include communications (internal and external), creative & strategic input, business development & senior management, team leadership, relationship management & business mediation.

Currently, he is a Founding Partner, Board Member and Director at BOOSTER Space Industries and AERDRON, innovative international Aerospace projects/consultancies with important stakeholders globally. He is also an Adjunct Professor and Business Mentor at IE and a qualified and experienced trainer, giving sessions on Leadership, Team Management and Motivation, Innovation Culture, Mediation/Conflict Resolution Skills, Entrepreneurship and the New Commercial Space Industry. He also advises many Innovation Projects Globally.

Professor of

International MBA

The International MBA is our flagship full-time MBA program in Madrid. This transformational journey shapes professionals and entrepreneurs, turning them into leaders that generate impact and drive change around the world. The program takes an integrative and innovative approach to business education by combining core business knowledge with customizable lab and elective periods in a full-time, one-year format.

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Global MBA

The modern market landscape is defined by a rapid and uncertain state of constant movement. With changes brought about by technological innovation, past success is no longer a guarantee as we move into the future. The Global MBA is an 18-month journey that prepares leaders to disrupt and transform. Our unique Blended Methodology delivers a practically personalized MBA educational experience for each of its candidates on a global scale.

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Global Executive MBA

Our Global Executive MBA converts experience into success. Designed with established professionals in mind, this intensive 15-month Blended MBA offers a combination of face-to-face and online interactive learning. With five face-to-face periods across four continents, we provide a truly global vision of the business world by adding important components from local markets, sustainable development and an innovative twist on the traditional MBA. If you are looking to gain a global understanding of different cultures, team dynamics and business practices then this program is for you.

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Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

The Master in Business Analytics and Big Data positions students to tackle the biggest challenges in our data-driven era. Nail down skills in data science, business transformation, and big data technologies to turn data into a powerful driver of disruption in any company, in any industry.

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Master in Cybersecurity

The Master in Cybersecurity is a cutting-edge program that will prepare you to define and lead cybersecurity strategies and teams. Dive into information security threats and trends, regulatory and security frameworks, risk management, cyber intelligence, and crisis response to lead teams of cyberguardians in an era of deep change.

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Master In Architectural Management and Design

The Master In Architectural Management and Design trains professionals for a future that does not differentiate between business and design, nor between physical and digital, and in which action, collaboration and multidisciplinarity are the rule.

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Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

The Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior is a unique program that trains professionals to get inside consumers’ minds in order to uncover and understand the motivations behind their behavior. This knowledge is critical to guide business strategies and actionable plans to address the market’s wants and needs of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.

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Master in Management

The Master in Management (MIM) at IE Business School is aimed at recent university graduates and young professionals at the start of their career, with 0 to 2 years of professional experience. The program is designed for high performing individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who want an innovative and challenging business program and seek to broaden their scope of opportunity.

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