Begoña González-Cuesta

Dean of Communication and Media at the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology (IE University) and Professor of Visual Narratives and Representation & Ethics

Begona Gonzalez-Cuesta

Begoña is professor of Storytelling, and Representation & Ethics. Dean of Communication and Media, Director of Faculty and Student Experience, IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, IE University.

She holds a Ph.D. in Literature and a B.A. in Hispanic Philology from University of Navarra, Spain.

Begoña’s research and teaching interests are centered on visual narratives and representation and ethics, focusing on the aesthetic, cultural, and ethical dimensions of contemporary screen works in the areas of contemporary cinema, non-fiction film, art film, advertising, and new audiovisual formats.

Her current research is focused on the ethical and aesthetic implications of audiovisual representations of marginal realities and conflicts. She has published several books and articles and has directed interdisciplinary research projects and graduate dissertation papers.

Professor of


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