Javier de Cendra

Dean of IE Law School

Javier de Cendra

Javier has engaged intensively in research and consultancy on climate change and energy law. He has participated in several European projects, and contributes regularly to the Malta Forum on Legal Issues on Adaptation to Climate Change, an academic body that provides legal advice on climate change adaptation. As a consultant, he has produced reports on climate change law and policy for the European Commission (DG Clima) and the British government.

Javier has published (as single author and as co-editor) three books and many academic articles in journals such as the Yearbook of International Environmental Law, the Journal of Environmental Law, Climate Law, Climate Policy, the Journal of European Consumer Law, and RECIEL.He is member of the editorial board of the journal Frontiers of Legal Research, and acts as expert reviewer for many academic journals, including Climate Law, Climate Policy, Transnational Environmental Law, RECIEL, and others.

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