Marco S. Giarratana

Professor and Head of the Strategy Department at IE Business School

Marco Giarratana

Marco Giarratana, PhD, is full-time Professor of Strategy at IE University / IE Business School.

He was assistant and associate professor at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2003-2010), and associate and full professor at Bocconi University in Milan (2011-2016).

By 2018, Professor Giarratana had published 24 ISI Web of Science articles which received more than ISI 400 citations. He accounts for more than 1,000 citations in Google Scholar.

Since 2003, Professor Giarratana has taught in different institutions at different levels from bachelors to MBAs. From 2017, he has been Chair of the Strategy Department at IE University / IE Business School.

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Essentials of Strategy

Essentials of Strategy provides basic guidelines and concepts that students should handle in order to develop a sound background in business and corporate strategy.