Seventy percent of the world population will be living in cities by 2050, according to the United Nations. These cities have and will continue to change over time. For example, they are no longer developed solely around natural resources such as rivers or mines, but are now also sustained by the creation and cultivation of knowledge generated by universities, research centers, companies, and government institutions. Rethinking Cities investigates how these organizations can best work together to ensure that knowledge – our modern-day natural resource – helps to make cities inclusive, innovative, healthy, and prosperous.

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Length: 19:01
Director: Javier Cumella Jordan
Executive Producers: Ana Puentes, Álvaro Cuadrado, Cristina Manzano
Writers: Claudia Barthelemy, Ana Puentes
Editorial Assistants: Kerry Parke, Alex Cope
Featuring: Carlos Lastra (IE School of Global and Public Affairs), Martha Thorne (IE School of Architecture and Design), Eveline van Leeuwen (AMS Institute), Júlia López Ventura (C40 Cities)
Production: IE Insights, Swing 28, Verbena Films


Finalist: II CINECO International Festival of Cinema and Ecology 2022 

Official Selection: BNP Paribas Green Film Festival 2023 

Official Selection: DocsValencia 2023 

Official Selection: Festival Cine Rural Elx 2023

Official Selection: Sembrando Cine International Film Festival 2023

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