Manuel Muñiz, new member of the Royal European Academy of Doctors

Manuel Muñiz, Provost of IE University and Dean of IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs, has been appointed Academic of the Royal European Academy of Doctors (RAED) in a ceremony held at IE University attended by personalities from the international business and political world.

Muñiz focused his induction speech on an analysis of “The Fracture of the International Order,” in which he addressed the current dynamics and challenges facing the international system in the context of increasing fragmentation and reconfiguration of global powers.

For his part, José Ramón Calvo Fernández, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, who also participated in the event, highlighted Manuel Muñiz’s career and experience in the field of international relations and the importance of his incorporation into the RAED.

The leaders of the Royal European Academy of Doctors expressed their satisfaction with the appointment and emphasized that this admission reinforces the Academy’s commitment to excellence and rigor in the scientific and academic field.

“We must shape a new social contract for the digital age that ultimately upholds legitimate democratic institutions.”

Manuel Muñiz’s speech focused on the importance of studying international relations, highlighting three main reasons: understanding others, the value of discovering similarities among human beings, and personal introspection.

On the other hand, as he detailed, we are at a moment of convergence of two macro trends: the weakening of democratic systems and an increasingly illiberal international environment. This could trigger a new Cold War, negatively affecting global cooperation on critical issues such as climate change and security.

To face these challenges, Manuel Muñiz proposed two key measures. First, to build a new social contract to create more just and equitable societies, which would strengthen democracies and prevent populism. Second, to shape a more proactive and ambitious diplomacy to navigate a multipolar and disorderly environment. In this regard, Spain, with its dual anchorage in the Global North and South, has a unique opportunity to be a bridge between the two and contribute to international peace and security.

“We are facing a challenge of managing abundance. Our societies are failing in managing prosperity and in designing fair and equitable paths of progress.”

Manuel Muñiz Villa holds a PhD in International Relations and has developed his career in the academic and professional fields. His work focuses on the analysis of global trends and their impact on international politics.

About RAED

The Royal European Academy of Doctors is an institution dedicated to the promotion of science, research, and culture in Europe. Founded with the aim of fostering collaboration among academics from various disciplines, the RAED has established itself as a benchmark in the scientific and academic field at an international level.