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Studying at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs is an opportunity like no other to enrich your personal and professional profile through real-world experiences.

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At IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs, each and every one of our programs is designed to give students the opportunity to find what interests them most and build the skills they need to pursue their ambition. But, what makes us different is the number of opportunities available to our students to enhance their educational experience, both personally and professionally. We strive to offer our students a well-rounded education where what they learn inside the classroom is complemented and enriched by extracurricular experiences.

We caught up with some of our students to hear about the different opportunities they have participated in while at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs, no matter which program they decided to pursue.

Learning in the field

Many of our programs at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs provide the opportunity for students to attend an Immersion Week to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field. Opportunities like these are tailored to a range of programs with specific industry talks and visits.

Each cycle, Immersion Week focuses on today’s most relevant challenges for our world’s leaders. From sustainability to maintaining effective international relations or the future of international development, Immersion Week showcases to students the shifting priorities in our global landscape and how top institutions are addressing them. Above all, it’s a chance for students to learn more about their future prospects and meet leaders in politics, economics or global affairs.

At a recent Immersion Week, students attended talks led by the European Parliament, NATO, the OECD, UNDP and UNESCO with a view to building hands-on experience to help their professional profile stand out.

Alec Barcenilla, Master in International Relations student, was particularly drawn to the program thanks to it being designed in partnership with the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) and the opportunity to attend an Immersion Week. Master in International Relations student Manuela Mesa described her Immersion Week as “an incredible opportunity to enhance our knowledge and gain practical insights” as well as

Being a student at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs

“engage and ask questions directly to professionals in the field, which provides a distinct advantage.”

Pursuing a personal ambition

Immersion Week is aligned with students’ goals and interests. By gaining firsthand, immersive exposure to leading organizations, including at institutions where many students hope to pursue a career, students get a taste of their future and what it may hold for them.

With visits to the International Organizations for Migration, the World Trade Organization, the World Meteorological Organization, Impact Hub, and even the UN HQ in Geneva and UNSSC in Turin, Immersion Week is packed with opportunities for students to broaden their horizons. In fact, the Master in International Development was also designed in partnership with the UNSSC, something which stood out to Ruby Anastacio when applying. She was confident the program would enable her to connect with leading professionals in the field and especially within the UN ecosystem—and Immersion Week allows her to do exactly that.

Another Master in International Development student Cornelius Kyei hopes to work at the UN one day, so this experience was a “one-of-a-kind” opportunity to get a taste of what his future holds.

Being a student at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs

The value of networking

During Immersion Week, students have the chance to see how these inspiring professionals work and ask questions directly. This chance to network plays a critical role in their future career ambitions and is greatly appreciated by both organizations and students alike.

Many of our programs offer Immersion Weeks as a chance to go beyond the walls of the classroom and apply the theory to the real world.

Being a student at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs

Konrad Gritschneder, Master in Applied Economics student, told us that the networking side of the experience provided him with a range of insights, which was an “extremely unique and great opportunity.”

Master in International Development student, Charbel-Jesus Al Daouk Nasr, told us that a highlight of his IE University experience has been the connections he’s made here. He also emphasized the valuable opportunity to meet experts in the field, including UN representatives.

These networking experiences open students’ minds to the wide range of doors open to them thanks to their program and the skills they have gained at IE University, and can be a turning point in deciding their career path.

Master in Applied Economics student Sichen Zhou has also taken every opportunity to expand her learning beyond the classroom. Sichen Zhou attended the 22nd World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit in Saudi Arabia as an extracurricular opportunity available through her program. She was selected and sponsored to attend the event, where she met global leaders and discussed sustainable tourism.

Opportunity is at the heart of the IE University philosophy

Many of our programs at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs also offer a range of opportunities a little closer to home.

Master in Applied Economics student Diego Parisi has also made the most of the resources available to him at IE University to help decide his career path. He says that the IE Talent & Careers team and the IE University Library provide hands-on learning experiences and extracurricular activities. The IE Talent & Career team organizes industry-specific talks, CV and cover letter guidance and job application workshops to help students take the next steps of their professional careers.