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Diego Parisi

About me

My name is Diego Parisi. I was born in Florence, Italy, where I lived until I was 16 before moving to England. After completing a Bachelor in Business Management and Economics at Westminster University, I worked at a venture capital company in Switzerland. Realizing I wanted to develop more analytical skills and continue my studies, I looked for a program that would prepare me to do my job more accurately and efficiently. This is what brought me to study a Master in Applied Economics at IE University.

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Diego Parisi - Student Story | IE SPEGA

“Having access to valuable resources such as a business library, job placement services, and networking opportunities as well as participating in hands-on learning experiences.”

Diego Parisi

Working towards a career in venture capital in the green tech industry

Prior to coming to IE University to study for his master’s degree, Diego worked for a Swiss venture capital company based in Zurich. Looking to improve his analytical skills and make himself a more desirable and competent worker, he felt that the Master in Applied Economics would set him apart from his peers in the industry.

Originally from Florence, Italy, Diego moved to England to attend a coeducational boarding school. A natural go-getter, Diego describes himself as a very pragmatic person who is constantly taking the initiative and finding the most efficient way of doing things. After graduating from the University of Westminster with a Bachelor in Business Management and Economics, Diego worked as a deals management analyst at GoBeyond.

Curious and proactive, it’s no surprise that Diego chose to continue his studies even after beginning work. He says, “My passions vary quite a lot, ranging from skiing to macroeconomics and statistics. I have a great interest for financial markets and technology. My career aspiration is to work in Venture capital in the green tech industry.”

Well on his way to achieving these goals, Diego chose to study at IE University because the Master in Applied Economics takes a subject that is often very theoretical and applies it in a practical way. He feels that this way of understanding economics is extremely useful for any professional looking to progress their career. Not to mention that the real-world examples and engaging lessons that characterize the program’s courses make any subject more interesting and engaging!

The main aspect of Diego’s experience that stands out are the professors that he has met in his time here. He remarks that “IE University has been a wonderful learning experience, Having engaging and knowledgeable professors who are able to effectively convey complex business concepts.”

Not only does Diego commend the university’s qualified faculty, but he also says that he has enjoyed using other resources that IE University provides its students. This includes the IE University Library, IE Talent & Careers, and the hands-on learning experiences available both as elements of the programs and as extracurricular opportunities. 

Although Diego recommends that all prospective students make sure they have a good basis in mathematics, it’s not the only thing needed to be successful in the Master in Applied Economics. Diego says, “Be ready to work hard as the course is very demanding. To make the most out of IE experience, I recommend attending all the interesting events organised by the university as well as connect with as many people as possible.” All the work will pay off in the end, as he explains that he feels the program has more than prepared him to thrive in the professional world. 

The life of an IE University student isn't just all work and no play—Diego says that part of his positive experience of Madrid is due to attending social events organized by the university. In addition to letting students relax and have fun after class, these activities can serve as valuable networking opportunities. Certainly, Diego hopes to make valuable connections with as many people as possible in order to take full advantage of his time at IE University. 

When he is not studying or pursuing other academic interests such as reading about philosophy, macroeconomics or statistics, Diego likes to stay active. Some of his favorite activities include skiing and rock climbing. Looking forward to his professional future, he is hopeful that his time at IE University will equip him with the skills to reach his goals and prepare him for a successful career in venture capital.