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Studying abroad during pandemic, key to personal and professional development, according to IE University international mobility research

The report evaluates public attitudes in the UK, Spain, France and the US, towards international travel during the pandemic. Outside of students home countries, Spain and the UK are the preferred countries to study.

International students from the US, UK, France and Spain confirm their interest in completing their education in other countries during the pandemic. This is one of the main conclusions from the IE University Mobility Report, which the university presented today. The report also analyses the travel plans of citizens over the age of 18 this summer. IE University Mobility Research evaluated the opinions of 4,000 people, surveyed between 13 to 16 July 2021.

A year and a half on from the outbreak of Covid-19, the findings suggest the students eagerness to study abroad during pandemic, with around half of the students surveyed (25% of the total sample) considering studying abroad, with the UK and Spain as the top foreign destinations. Students consider that the experience of studying abroad will benefit them in the future, improving their employability. The main reasons highlighted were the positive impact of immersing oneself and learning a new culture, a new language, and making new friends. These results highlight that, in addition to the growing interest in remote learning methodologies, students value the opportunity of studying abroad with peers from different nationalities to enrich their learning experience.

29 Jul 2021


IE University delivered 60k face-to-face & 25k online classes

IE University has delivered more than 60,000 face-to-face and 25,000 online classes this academic year as part of its commitment to Liquid Learning

In an effort to protect the health of its community, IE University has administered more than 55,000 Covid tests at its campus infirmaries since June ...

27 Jul 2021


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7th Asian Economic Journalism Awards | IE University

IE University announces the finalists for the 7th Asian Economic Journalism Awards

Over 100 articles, interviews, reports and other news formats released in over 30 publications throughout the Asian region were submitted to IE ...

23 Jul 2021


Carolina Barco | IE University

IE University celebrates the class of 2021 – 2,500 students from 140 countries – with a graduation keynote by Colombian diplomat Carolina Barco

The virtual and immersive graduation ceremony comes after a series of in-person events held on campus for the graduating students of IE ...

23 Jul 2021


IE University startups attract €80 million in funding | IE University

IE University startups attract €80 million in funding

Rhyde, Refuge and SafetyIn, the winning startups of IE Venture Day 2021.

16 Jul 2021


South Summit 2021 | IE University

South Summit 2021: committed to reinventing a sustainable future

South Summit 2021 -powered by IE University, in collaboration with the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence and ...

13 Jul 2021



Finalists shortlisted for the 9th IE University Ibero-American Journalism Awards

The awards are sponsored by CAF, the Latin American development bank, and supported by Iberia, Cinco Días, CNN en español and Casa de América.

Over 150 articles, reports, interviews and other news formats from more than 40 media sources in the region were submitted to this year’s competition, which awards $8,000 in prizes. This year, special consideration has been given to articles on “innovation and technology for the economic development of Ibero-America”, although by no means exclusively.

The jury that will be choosing the winners features journalists from international media organizations such as CNN, as well as members of IE Business School, CAF, the Latin American development bank, and journalists who have won the awards in previous years.

The Ibero-American Economic Journalism Awards have become a benchmark in their field in the region, after eight consecutive years in which over 1,500 articles and 125 media outlets have participated.

13 Jul 2021



60% of companies in Spain have devoted more resources to diversity and innovation during the pandemic, according to Innodiversity Index 2021

Strong commitment to inclusion: according to Innodiversity Index 2021, eight out of 10 companies have paid particular attention to gender diversity ...

08 Jul 2021



IE University and Michael Page renew €200,000 scholarship fund to boost talent in data science

The IE University Exponential Learning - Michael Page scholarships are aimed at recently graduated juniors and experienced profiles.

08 Jul 2021



LGBT+@Work: IE University Highlights Success in the Face of Adversity

This year's hybrid event will take place online and at Madrid's Círculo de Bellas Artes.

05 Jul 2021



IE University and the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds analyse the future of investment in the healthcare industry

Sovereign wealth funds had doubled the investments made in biotechnology compared to average investments during the three previous years.

01 Jul 2021



IE University encourages companies to design intergenerational work environments and avoid segmenting teams by age

In 2019, the population aged between 16 and 34 fell to 6.1 million in Spain (26.5% of the Spanish workforce), while those aged 55 and over increased ...

24 Jun 2021



IE University Announces Research Initiative on Policy & Management in the Digital Economy

The new research initiative is a two-year project financially supported by Facebook and independently run by IE University.

A new research initiative at IE University will focus on management in the digital economy and examine its advancement, interaction with public policy, hurdles, and next steps as well as opportunities for study. The IE University Research Initiative on Policy & Management in the Digital Economy is a two-year project financially supported by Facebook and will be led by IE Business School Professor Julio De Castro, Chair of the PhD Program. By bringing together academics, public policy experts, and practitioners, the initiative aims to promote in-depth analysis of the advancements and in the digital economy, as well as the management and guidance of those changes.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has crystalized how quickly technology can impact the economy and society,” says Arturo González, Facebook Director of Advocacy and Research. “Researchers throughout Europe are rapidly expanding the frontier of knowledge about the digital economy, and IE University will ensure policy makers, industry experts, and other researchers are informed about these important state-of-the-art studies.”

09 Jun 2021


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