Learning How to Learn, IE University's new online course on Coursera

Learning How to Learn, IE University’s new online course on Coursera, provides practical techniques for effective learning

IE University has designed an online course on Coursera based on “Learning How to Learn”, created by Professor Barbara Oakley and Terrence Sejnowsk.

Research shows that learning new skills later in life can help prevent memory loss and extend our lifespan To this end, IE University’s new online course, ‘Learning How to Learn’, provides practical techniques for effective learning in mathematics, technology and languages. It also addresses important issues such as procrastination and how to optimize students’ potential through a strong neuroscientific foundation.

Experts from IE University and Prof. Barbara Oakley have designed new teaching materials to understand how the brain learns. IE University is working with this Professor of Engineering at Oakland University and author of the online course ‘Learning How to Learn’, which has nearly 3 million students worldwide, on the online training platform Coursera.

25 Feb 2020


Conferences, Lectures & Seminars
IE University Broadens Kistefos Scholarships Program Offerings for Young Talent from Norway and Africa

IE University Broadens Kistefos Scholarships Program Offerings for Young Talent from Norway and Africa

The scholarship program enables international students to study at IE University in fields such as leadership, technology, and innovation.

25 Feb 2020


Scholarships, Awards & Contests

IE University launches the IE Center for C-Centricity

The IE Center for C-Centricity generates knowledge, as well as promoting and circulating examples of sustainable business growth.

17 Feb 2020


IE Govtech 2020 List

IE University presents The ‘IE Govtech 2020 List’ Showcasing the 100 most promising govtechs in Latin America

The IE Govtech 2020 List reveals that cities are key players in the solutions proposed by startups.

14 Feb 2020


Global & Public Affairs
Cryptocurrencies and the Future of Money | IE University

Lack of trust in public institutions leads to higher use of cryptocurrencies

Citizens who are dissatisfied with governmental response to the financial crisis are more likely to use digital currencies.

30 Jan 2020


Global & Public Affairs

IE University lights up with a series of TBA21–Academy videos on the challenges of climate change

The artwork by artist Will Benedict have been projected onto the façade of an IE University building.

13 Dec 2019


Arts & Humanities

Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza defends the role of art as an agent of change for sustainability at IE University

The prestigious collector takes part in a panel on art as a catalyst for social change.

Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza, the internationally renowned art collector, curator and film producer, took part in a debate on Tuesday at IE University on ‘Art as an agent of change for sustainability’, together with artist John Gerrard and Markus Reymann, director of TBA21 Academy and The Ocean Project. This panel is part of ‘Education for Sustainability’, an IE University project that reflects the academic institution’s commitment to education as the driving force for change in the economy, society and the biosphere within the framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Diego del Alcázar Silvela, President of IE University, opened the event, after which Catalina Tejero, Associate Director of IE Arts & Humanities Division, introduced the panel, where Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza shared her vision of the role of art in driving social change.

04 Dec 2019


Arts & Humanities

Universities are an essential pillar for the Development of the 2030 Agenda

IE University has organized a series of conferences, round tables and events as parallel activities of the COP25.

04 Dec 2019


Conferences, Lectures & Seminars, Events, Global & Public Affairs

IE University startups attract €70 million in funding

Mamu, a startup formed by graduates of IE Business School's International MBA, was the winner of the event in the Spanish capital.

02 Dec 2019


Entrepreneurship, Events, Scholarships, Awards & Contests

IE University & China Federation of Industrial Economics signed a MoU to promote exchange and cooperation between China and the West in various fields

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties is to align and enhance the mission of the Belt & Road Initiative.

02 Dec 2019



IE University celebrates 2020 Countdown Concert in the Auditorium of the Reina Sofia Museum

The event featured the performance by Judith Jáuregui and Samantha Vallejo Nagera´s catering.

25 Nov 2019



Brazilian start up Blox wins the first EdTech Venture Day in São Paulo organized by IE University, Google and FGV-EAESP

The event was atended by various experts including Daniel Cleffi, director of Google for Education Latam.

12 Nov 2019



IE University, FGV-EAESP and Google organize the first EdTech Venture Day in São Paulo

The event took place on November 6 and will be attended by more than 20 experts.

Rapidly evolving technology is affecting a slew of industries, while at the same time, impacting on education: mobile and immersive learning, the internet of things, blockchain and machine learning are already reshaping how we teaching and how we learn.

When combined with new methodologies and new types of interaction, these new technologies will create powerful opportunities for educational institutions of all kinds.

11 Nov 2019