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IE University Embraces Liquid Learning Model, Unique Worldwide

At the start of the next academic year, all undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive education students can choose to attend class on campus or online and receive the same immersive experience and academic quality.

IE University has developed a unique liquid learning model with the aim of transforming the education landscape. Launching across all five of IE University schools this September, the new education model will allow students, who hail from a total of 140 countries, to attend class in person or online with equal immersive experience and academic excellence.

All IE University programs will have a hybrid format and be simultaneously attended by students in the classroom and online. The format will provide flexibility for students and reinforce active and personalized learning that focuses on solving real world problems. To accomplish this, IE University has adapted all courses to include new methodologies, content, and academic materials. Facilities and classrooms have likewise been redesigned and equipped with technological solutions that enhance interaction.

28 May 2020


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ALA distinguishes IE University’s library practices

American Library Association distinguishes IE University’s library practices as being among the best in the world

The IE University project will be presented at the ALA Chicago International Congress, to be held virtually from June 25-30.

27 May 2020


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IE University Opens Online Training Hub in Response to COVID-19

IE University Opens Online Training Hub in Response to COVID-19

IE University launches Building Resilience to provide open online courses, webinars, conference series, articles and videos and multimedia materials.

30 Mar 2020


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Managing Your Internal Barometer During the Coronavirus Outbreak | IE University

Managing Your Internal Barometer During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak is accompanied by a more insidious threat: a global flare of anxiety and worry that is wreaking havoc on our inner ...

24 Mar 2020


Looking after your well-being & studying remotely

While some students chose from the outset to study remotely, the recent worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus is forcing many universities and ...

16 Mar 2020


IE University extends delivery of online classes to confront the spread of COVID-19

IE University extends delivery of online classes to confront the spread of COVID-19

Online classes are extended until the 14th April, after the holidays.

12 Mar 2020


On Campus

Protecting health, transparency and academic continuity: IE University’s triple commitment to addressing the coronavirus outbreak

The 100% of the classes are already being delivered online.

IE University has confirmed that the institution maintains the academic activity in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Experts from the institution participated today, Friday, in a press conference held simultaneously on the Segovia and Madrid centers attended by national and international media to explain the evolution of the situation and the measures adopted. Both campuses remain open, following the recommendations of the Spanish health authorities. IE University has activated a plan to provide online training to 7,000 students from 140 countries at the undergraduate, master’s and executive education levels. Students at the Segovia campus have been receiving 100% online teaching since Wednesday, 4 March, and students at the Madrid center can opt for online teaching or in class.

06 Mar 2020


On Campus

IE University responds to coronavirus with online expertise

Segovia campus moves all face-to-face courses online. Both centers remain open, following the recommendations of the health authorities.

04 Mar 2020


On Campus

Learning How to Learn, IE University’s new online course on Coursera, provides practical techniques for effective learning

IE University has designed an online course on Coursera based on “Learning How to Learn”, created by Professor Barbara Oakley and Terrence ...

25 Feb 2020


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IE University Broadens Kistefos Scholarships Program Offerings for Young Talent from Norway and Africa

The scholarship program enables international students to study at IE University in fields such as leadership, technology, and innovation.

25 Feb 2020


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IE University launches the IE Center for C-Centricity

The IE Center for C-Centricity generates knowledge, as well as promoting and circulating examples of sustainable business growth.

17 Feb 2020



IE University presents The ‘IE Govtech 2020 List’ Showcasing the 100 most promising govtechs in Latin America

The IE Govtech 2020 List reveals that cities are key players in the solutions proposed by startups.

14 Feb 2020


Global & Public Affairs

Lack of trust in public institutions leads to higher use of cryptocurrencies

Citizens who are dissatisfied with governmental response to the financial crisis are more likely to use digital currencies.

30 Jan 2020


Global & Public Affairs

IE University lights up with a series of TBA21–Academy videos on the challenges of climate change

The artwork by artist Will Benedict have been projected onto the façade of an IE University building.

13 Dec 2019


Arts & Humanities

Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza defends the role of art as an agent of change for sustainability at IE University

The prestigious collector takes part in a panel on art as a catalyst for social change.

Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza, the internationally renowned art collector, curator and film producer, took part in a debate on Tuesday at IE University on ‘Art as an agent of change for sustainability’, together with artist John Gerrard and Markus Reymann, director of TBA21 Academy and The Ocean Project. This panel is part of ‘Education for Sustainability’, an IE University project that reflects the academic institution’s commitment to education as the driving force for change in the economy, society and the biosphere within the framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Diego del Alcázar Silvela, President of IE University, opened the event, after which Catalina Tejero, Associate Director of IE Arts & Humanities Division, introduced the panel, where Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza shared her vision of the role of art in driving social change.

04 Dec 2019


Arts & Humanities