IE University's Humanities Week

IE University’s Humanities Week analyzes the impact of art and the humanities on the perception of the world

Students will be able to attend a digital meeting with The Fuzzie and the Techie author Scott Hartley, as well as visit the Marlborough Gallery.

This week, IE University celebrates the third annual Humanities Week. Campus Life, in collaboration with the Arts and Humanities Division and the IE Foundation, organizes this annual event with the arts and humanities to explore how humanistic disciplines can transform our perspective and change the way we see life.

Entitled A Matter of Perception, this hybrid conference includes lectures, interviews, private visits, workshops and exhibitions, which will help to deepen the impact of one of IE University’s core values regarding our understanding of the world and career development.

22 Feb 2021


Arts & Humanities

Fundación Mapfre and IE University select 27 innovative projects aimed at making the world and people’s lives better

Entrepreneurs will compete for 90,000 euros in prizes and will receive mentoring to reach potential investors.

18 Feb 2021


Scholarships, Awards & Contests
IE University to promote social and environmental impact projects

IE University to promote social and environmental impact projects in 2021, in line with the United Nations SDGs

IE University will increase the percentage of hours students, faculty, and staff work on initiatives that have a positive impact on society by 25%.

17 Feb 2021


On Campus

IE University Announces Gurus and Griots Fellowship for African and Afro-descendent Leaders

The yearlong program aims to attract African and Afro-descendent leaders in business, policy, and academia.

04 Feb 2021


Scholarships, Awards & Contests

South Summit and IE University hold the first ‘Virtual South Summit’ of 2021 on the keys to transforming global challenges into opportunities

This first Virtual South Summit will bring together entrepreneurs such as Juan Urdiales, Alejandro Artacho, Pepita Marín or Alberto Martínez ...

27 Jan 2021


IE University will inaugurate the IE Tower in September 2021

IE University will inaugurate the IE Tower in September 2021 to promote education as key to sustainable development

With a capacity for 6,000 students, IE Tower will boost the economic growth of northern Madrid.

21 Jan 2021


On Campus

South Summit and IE University will organize digital meetings to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem in 2021

Meetings will take place throughout the year in response to the challenges facing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

IE University and South Summit—a platform to connect 365 key actors in the global ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation—are jointly launching a series of digital meetings throughout 2021, the Virtual South Summit, to respond to the main global challenges.

Given the uncertainty predicted by the experts to continue throughout 2021, innovation is the best medicine for business success. Proof of this is the significant investment in startups in 2020 which, although lower than in previous years, has exceeded €1 billion, according to the Bankinter Innovation Foundation.

At the same time, the Spanish and global entrepreneurial ecosystem faces an unprecedented situation that requires alternatives, quick reactions and innovative solutions.

20 Jan 2021



IE University celebrates the graduation of 600 students hailing from more than 70 countries with astronaut Cady Coleman’s masterclass

The digital immersive event was held from the Aula Magna of the IE University campus in Segovia.

18 Dec 2020


On Campus

Technology, sustainability and critical thinking, the focus of IE University’s humanities module

The module, developed by the IE Arts and Humanities Division, has adapted its academic offer.

09 Dec 2020


Arts & Humanities

IE University China Center presents joint report on Family Businesses in China with Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

The report examines the role of private family-run enterprises and the challenges they face in the near future.

23 Nov 2020



IE University and Amazon boost the digitization of Spanish SMEs with free online training programs

IE University is part of the Amazon Despega programme, an initiative to boost the digitization of more than 50,000 Spanish SMEs after the pandemic.

12 Nov 2020


Scholarships, Awards & Contests

IE University analyzes the future of work during Virtual Alumni Day attended online by more than 66,000 graduates from 169 countries

Event format will be 100% online over the course of 24 uninterrupted hours to adapt to US, European, Middle Eastern and Asian time zones.

06 Nov 2020



IE University recognizes the excellence of the faculty with a digital artwork by Daniel Canogar

This liquid recognition is an example of the values IE University embraces, within the framework of sustainability.

29 Oct 2020


Scholarships, Awards & Contests

IE University announces strategic projects for its Segovia campus

Santa Cruz la Real has hosted the institution’s annual meeting of the Board of Trustees.

The Santa Cruz la Real Campus in Segovia held its regular session of the IE University Board of Trustees today. The objective of this meeting was to announce the most relevant projects and development plans undertaken by IE University, which started the 2020/2021 academic year with a 20% increase in new students and the implementation of a new, liquid learning, educational model. Thanks to this hybrid methodology, students from 140 countries at IE University can attend face-to-face classes on campus or connect online to classrooms and enjoy the same immersive experience and academic excellence.

The meeting of the Board of Trustees was attended by Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño, the President of the Board and Executive President of IE University, Salvador Carmona, Rector, Miguel Ángel de Vicente, the President of the Provincial Council of Segovia, and Clara Luquero, the Mayor of Segovia.

19 Oct 2020


On Campus