Explore and experience the new frontiers of management
July 10th - 14th



The Executive Summer School adopts a “learning by doing” methodology and offers you the opportunity to identify, explore and overcome the challenges of management in a constantly changing business environment.
You will live different roles related to the main management frontiers and explore the five essential areas of management with leading academic and renowned professionals.

You will gain:

● A clear vision of the changes defining today’s business scene.
● A full understanding of management frontiers as a response to those transformations.

● The capability to identify the challenges and respond to the key managerial transformations on a personal and professional level.

● An assessment of the relevance and the implications related to managerial transformations within each organization.
● A catalogue of specific tools to react in every area of management.

● A first-hand experience of the required roles to respond to today’s managerial challenges.

● The mindset and tools to rethink and innovate the business model and strategy.
● The organizational capability to identify and build responses, taking advantage of the new paradigms.
● Assess and hone leadership skills to maximize your team’s performance and creat an impact on your Company.

Participant Profile

The Executive Summer School aims to provide Directors and Managers, Team Leaders & Business Unit Managers from all sectors with a high-impact and transformative experience, where the most relevant managerial challenges can be reflected upon, felt and lived.


One-week program: from July 10th to July 14th, 2017.

Program fee

The program fee is 5.200€ which covers tuition, course materials, all coffee and lunch breaks for all five days of the program, networking activities and hotel accommodation.

The program fee without lodging is 4.550€.


All the sessions will be delivered in English.

Networking activities

To make the most of your visit to Madrid, you will have a welcome dinner at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, a guided tour and dinner in the center of Madrid and a night visit to one of the city’s most emblematic museums.

Financial Aid

Concessions are available for IE alumni, groups of executives attending from the same organization, early birds and other cases.


The Executive Summer School will take place at our Madrid campus located in the heart of the city.


We offer you hotel accommodation for 5 nights in a four-star hotel within walking distance from IE’s premises.

Admission process

In order to begin the admission process please complete and submit the following registration form.


Once your registration is received, you will be contacted by IE staff for an interview to support you in the admissions process.

In the program you will explore the five frontiers of management using different tools: inspiration, exploration, action, and awareness experiences.

Technology and digital disruption are the most visible challenges in management. The impacts overcome the adoption of new technologies and create opportunities for new business models and industry dynamics.
Participants are invited to explore their own digital readiness and tackle topics such as digital transformation, cybersecurity and the nature of a digital organization.

Our World is complex and ruled by uncertainty.
Managers must deal with complexity and build scenarios which take into account the most relevant global and industry specific trends.

Leadership is becoming a scarce resource. Not traditional leadership, but the type of leadership that is able to inspire and steer a new kind of organization built around networks. A leadership style capable of managing new business models and new profiles such as Millennials. In order to tackle this challenge, participants are invited to explore their own capabilities.

A diversity of talents is needed to build an organization dealing with a wider range of realities and scenarios. We will explore creativity and esthetic sense as new talents, with a more traditional but equally important: the execution talent.

To guarantee high performance, personal and career sustainability, a new kind of integration is demanded.
This integration implies body and mind, traditional and new mental models as well as an innovative focus on creating a sense of purpose and envisioning related goals.

Every day an awareness experience: a short experience that will push you towards a whole new thought process and gain new perspectives and a sharing experience: listen to an industry leader share his experiences over a networking lunch.



Academic Director
Norman is the Vice Dean of Behavior & Human Development, and a Professor of Consumer Insights & Behavior at IE Business School.
He has more than 20 years of experience helping brands ask the right questions from a strategy, marketing and consumer insights perspective. He has worked at
American Express in New York, as an Associate Partner at Accenture – Strategic Services in Europe, as Spanish CEO of Marketing & Market Research agencies such
as Kantar and Ipsos and is currently Senior Board Advisor for Roamler (a company dedicated to Mobile Application, Analytics, Crowdsourcing, and Retail). He holds an undergraduate degree
from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from London Business School.


Visiting Professor & Executive Fellow-Executive Education, IE Business School; Visiting Professor at IN SEAD and Fellow of the Management Development Center at London Business School.
Gareth was the Director of Human Resources and Internal Communications at the BBC; founding partner of Creative Management Associates (CMA) a consultancy
focused on organizations where creativity is a source of competitive strength, and also Senior Vice President for Human Resources at Polygram.
He has written the books “Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?“ and “The Character of a Corporation: How Your Culture Can Make or Break Your Business“.


Enrique has a Ph.D. in Management (Information Systems), by The John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA and postgraduate studies (CPCL ) in Harvard Business School.
He is a Professor of Information Technologies and Systems at IE Business School.
Enrique is one of the most relevant technology bloggers in Spain, being recognized as a top influencer on the sector through his blog enriquedans.com.
His ideas and research have been published in local and international magazines and newspapers.
In 2015 he was recognized as one of the Thinkers 50 (global ranking of management thinkers) in the category of Digital Thinking.


Visiting Professor at IE Business School.
Ben’s annual seminar ‘MBA in One Day’, which over 16,000 managers have attended, is the best-attended seminar ever in the Netherlands and has licensees in all parts of the world.
He is the author of the book “Dream, Dare, Do” about effective self-management.
He has worked in several renowned companies such as PWC , Pfizer, Honeywell, Shell, TNT , Deloitte, Accenture, Philips, Deutsche Telecom, Novartis,, Pepsico, Dell, Ernst & Young, Hewlett-Packard, and many more.


Gayle is a Professor of Economic Environment and Country Analysis at IE Business School since September 2002 and has been the Vice Rector of Research, IE University, from May 2008 to September 2009.
PhD in Economics, University of California at Davis, USA; she has developed an indicator for employment-protection legislation that covers all of the OECD countries since 1950, and a new indicator for the generosity of unemployment benefits, called the net reservation wage, for the same countries and period.
Gayle collaborates with several newspapers and magazines such as The Herald Tribune and El País. She has been interviewed by CN BC about the situation of the finance sector.


Juan Carlos is a Professor of Organizational Behavior and the Academic Director of the Center for Global Leadership at IE Business School.
He has earned an M.A. in Social Psychology from Clark University, a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and was a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University.
He is an active researcher and consultant in the area of leadership development, and diversity management.


Milo has been teaching at IE since 2008 in the Masters in Management, MBA, and Masters in Advanced Finance Programs. Every year since beginning, he has won awards for teaching excellence.
He has worked as Managing Director in several international companies and as a Professor in France and USA.
PhD in International Relations, Milo is a member of several associations such as the Electronics Association and the International Institute for Strategic Studies.
In addition to his teaching at IE, Milo teaches at EM Lyon in France and Walmart’s Leadership Academy in America.


Manuel is the Director of Information Security and Fraud Prevention at Telefónica. Member of ESRAB and Associate Professor in Computer Security.
Master of the UPM and ASIMELEC, and Vocal in ISO / SC27 AENOR .
He founded the Security Working Group in 2004, and SIC magazine gave him the Professional of the Year Award. He joined Telefónica in 1988 as Systems
Engineer Development Projects Communications Security, and in 1992 he founded the consulting Security for large customers of Telefonica. In 1998 he became the
Manager of Information Security Telefonica of Spain.


Ricardo is a Professor of Information Systems at IE Business School, combining an extensive professional career with one of deep research into the field of new technologies.
He has been a consultant for companies like Telefónica, Telefónica Data, Microsoft, HP , CECA or the Norwegian Bank Association.
Ricardo owns the blog Digital Transformation on the online version of the newspaper Expansion.


Alexander is the Managing Director and Head of Scenario Processes & Applications at PFC Energy International, and a Professor of Strategic Foresight and Corporate Strategy at IE Business School.
He holds advanced degrees in Management and Decision Sciences from Boston University, and was a BAEF Fellow at Harvard University. He also holds a PhD in Applied Economics from the University of London, a Doctorate in International Relations from the Geneva School of Diplomacy, and a PhD in Engineering-Economic Systems at Cambridge University.
Alexander joined the Brains Trust of the Evian Group at IMD in 2006, and in 2007, he was appointed as a U.S. National Intelligence Council Associate.


Gerardo is the President of Xchanging Spain, an organization that provides business processing, technology and procurement services internationally to customers across multiple industries.
He has been an Associate Professor of IE Business School since 2008.
He has significant experience in the world of sports and business consulting specifically related to Corporate Governance, event management, business and product development and general management.
Gerardo was the Executive Director of the Association of National Olympic Committees, and has served as General Manager of the Adidas Holding Co. in Switzerland and as Managing Director Europe for an early stage Sports Media Co. Quokka. He is also the founder of Seeliger Conde, one of Spain’s most successful Management Consulting firms.

How to apply

The Executive Summer School admission process is carried out online. You will have to complete a registration form. Once your application form is submitted, our Admissions Department will contact you to guide you throughout the process.

IE alumni, groups of executives attending from the same organization, early birds and other cases are entitled to concessions.




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