Innovation at IE University

As one of our key values, innovation is part of our DNA at IE University. Read on to learn more.

Adapting to a fast-paced world

What does change mean to you? For us, it’s synonymous with excitement. It’s inspiring and it motivates us to find solutions. And that’s where innovation comes in. Innovators thrive on change. They seek it out and actively look for opportunities to generate it.

We encourage our students to think unconventionally, tap into their creativity and put it all into practice alongside their studies. By adopting a change mindset, students are ready to make the most of any situation that comes their way in this fast-paced world.

Innovation is one our core values. In fact, we’ve been ranked among the top ten universities in the world for innovation in technologies and teaching.

Discover our purpose

As a transformative educational institution, we empower students to make their mark on the world.

Image Liquid Learning

Liquid Learning

Liquid Learning is our unique education method that helps students and professionals acquire expertise, hone skills and develop mindsets for the future.

How we help you future-proof your skillset

We offer a student-centered academic experience so that each individual can shape their own professional path. Thanks to Liquid Learning, students can enjoy the same educational offering across the board, regardless of whether it’s through immersive experiences, asyncronous learning or otherwise. This multi-format versatility is thanks to our faculty who’ve embraced technology and integrated it into their programs.

It’s all go from day one. The best way to learn is by putting theory into practice, straight away. Students should be able to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life settings, cases, projects and internships. What’s more, we work side by side with leading companies and global organizations that pave the way with their pioneering spirit.

Immersive academic experiences

XR technology

We are committed to offering students an experience that’s adapted to their needs, so they learn how to overcome challenges and generate real change in society. That’s why we’ve expanded into the immersive realm, through the use of Extended Reality (XR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Innovative learning materials

At IE University, we employ cutting-edge technology to help our students get ahead. You can find out about our innovative learning materials through IE Publishing, which includes information about case studies, multimedia materials, simulations and much more.

Bringing innovation to life in the classroom

Sector-leading professors

Our professors are leaders both in the academic and business worlds. They bring real-world insights to the classroom, while conducting research that strengthens the curriculum.

Pier 17

Students of the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence have access to Pier 17, an Advanced Technology AI Incubation Program. The aim is to assist students when developing their first AI prototype, and ultimately build connections with corporations and investors.


IE University students have the option to take part in datathons throughout their time with us. This gives them the opportunity to work with a data provider while putting their problem-solving skills into practice.

Area 31

This space is home to the IE Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It’s where young visionaries come to develop their disruptive startup ideas.

The Media Lab

The IE University Media Lab is where students learn to plan, produce and broadcast multimedia materials. It’s home to a television studio, production control room, digital-editing booths and photography studios.

The Fab Lab

Architecture and Design students have the opportunity to access the Fab Lab—a unique space where students can transform their ideas into reality, through experimentation, innovation, and quality design.

IE Big Data & AI Club

Our students are very proacitve when it comes to innovation. The IE Big Data & AI Club has almost 4,000 members, and regularly hosts inspiring events and workshops so that the community stays connected to industry expertise and at the forefront of knowledge in the field.

Outreach and communities

Liquid Learning goes beyond the academic experience. We are constantly exploring ways to honor our purpose as we foster positive change through technological, innovation research and innovation.

We are joining forces with partner universities, companies and international organizations to find solutions to some of society’s biggest problems.



In early 2022, we formed the Tech4Democracy initiative in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State. The aim is to identify entrepreneurs who are focused on developing innovative digital technologies that contribute to the advancement of democracy across the globe. 

Venture Days

These international events take place in cities across the world, connecting the best startups, investors, corporations, accelerators and inspiring minds. Each Venture Day features keynote speakers, panel discussions and a startup competition.


As a transformative educational institution, we empower students to make their mark on the world.


As our thought-leadership publication, IE Insights draws on the expertise of academics and practitioners from IE University and beyond.

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Emotional Intelligence Gives Entrepreneurs a Competitive Advantage

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