Diversity at IE University

Diversity is reflected in everything we do. Read on to find out more.

What is diversity?

At IE University, we believe that diversity is about respecting and embracing what makes us different. Every year, we welcome students, professors and staff from more than 160 countries, with each person bringing their unique blend of life experience, backgrounds and perspectives to the table.

Our goal is to promote an environment that’s anchored in curiosity, inclusion and understanding. 

As a result, students emerge as global citizens, ready to drive lasting change and positive impact in the world.

The three types of diversity

As human beings, our identities are spread across three levels of diversity. These include demographic, experiential and cognitive diversity. The categories are there for guidance, but diversity is much less clear cut in real life.

Identities of Origin <> Demographic diversity

This refers to the differences given to us by birth or circumstances outside of our control, such as ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical traits or age, for example.

Identities of growth <> Experiential diversity

Experiential diversity is based on our life events and personal stories. It’s the result of our circumstances and the choices that we make, as well as our academic and professional backgrounds, affinities, skills and hobbies.

Identities of aspiration <> Cognitive diversity

This is the sum of our demographic and experiential diversity, combined with our patterns of thinking, perspectives, personality and ability to solve problems and think creatively. In other words, it’s our unique mindset and our own vision of the world.


At IE University we have a one-of-a-kind alumni community made up of over 70,000 people who enjoy lifelong support, events and online and in-person networks.

By fostering a diverse environment, we demonstrate the value of diversity in organizations so that students can take their learnings and use them to make the world a better place. Not only does this approach provide a transformative experience for students while they’re here, but it will help them develop their critical thinking, interpersonal and innovation skills, too.

Diversity is a journey of inclusion and belonging. Discover more below.

Inclusion at IE

We facilitate an inclusive environment where everyone has the same access to opportunities without any roadblocks.

  1. Impact Initiatives


IE Foundation scholarships provide access to education for talented candidates, regardless of their financial situation. Learn more about IE Foundation scholarships and find out about tho se offered in collaboration with partners .

Research centers and initiatives

The IE Foundation research centers focus on pursuing economic and societal development through investigation initiatives and are dedicated to promoting diversity and multidisciplinary knowledge. These include the China Center , the Africa Center , the Saudi-Spanish Center for Islamic Economics and Finance (SCIEF), the IE University Center for Diversity in Global Management , and more.

In addition to this, the IE Women & Allies initiative has partnered with the Castilla y León Government in a bid to eliminate gender violence in all its forms. Their particular focus is on the education and professional worlds, and initiatives like the Purple Corner in the Segovia library, STEM Talent Girl and other conferences serve to raise awareness for the cause.

  1. Training

Educational Resources on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

We’ve created The Journey to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, a MOOC course that’s accessible on Coursera. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to embrace diversity. What’s more, students and staff have access to short multimedia courses during their time at IE University which cover the fundamental concepts of diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

IE Impact: diversity courses

Through IE Impact , a multidisciplinary, academic program consisting of 21 ECTS, undergraduate students have access to a series of courses related to diversity. These include:

IE Impact students can also enjoy diversity-related electives within the humanities space. These include Cultural Diversity, Today with Professor Lourdes Fernández and Feminism, and Literature and Business with Celia de Anca.

RISE Executive Women Leadership Program

This five-month program equips female professionals with the tools to advance their career, build a global network, get individual coaching and recharge their growth mindset.

Multimedia resources

Students can also take part in The Diversity Game, which explores how corporate governance boards work when it comes to diversity. During the game, participants play the role of a board member who must make a series of crucial board hiring decisions.

Functional Diversity

The IE University campuses are fully accessible for community members with physical challenges. Our Functional Diversity team is engaged with students with differing needs at any time during their journey with us, working closely with each academic program to make sure that their needs are taken care of.

Belonging at IE

The first step to achieving belonging is through the inclusion of demographic diversity. Once this equal playing field has been achieved, people start to feel a sense of belonging—like they can be themselves, and that their values are reflected in the community.

Belonging initiatives

My Well-Being

We facilitate kindness, compassion, empathy and respect within our community. The IE Center for Health, Well-Being and Happiness takes a scientific, holistic approach, offering an Advanced Seminars Program as well as workshops and more.

All IE University undergraduate students can find guidance through our free and confidential counseling service. Every student has access to the My Well-Being portal where they can find health and well-being resources as well as services and information.

Social impact

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s part of our purpose to leave a positive mark on the world we live in. It’s made up of three pillars: environmental, social impact and governance.

At the IE Center for Social Innovation, we fuse sustainability and social impact to shape leaders with a global vision as well as an entrepreneurial and a humanistic mindset.

The Social Impact Lab acts as an external consultancy that helps NGOs to define their needs and reach their objectives. The Lab makes a difference through the diversity of its participants.

We strongly encourage you to discover our initiatives related to the social impact sphere. Read more about social impact at IE University. 

Student clubs

If you’re looking for like-minded people on campus, you’re in the right place. At IE, there are more than 100 clubs—and students are encouraged to launch their own. You can check them out here. Read about some of our clubs that are connected to diversity below:

IE South-African Alumni Digitizing Africa For The Future

Africa Lab

The Africa Lab aims to produce “Storytelling for Social Impact” projects. This content is designed to impact the lives of people through carefully crafted messages.


A diverse environment is one where every sexual orientation is represented and respected. There are a number of initiatives that are run by the LGBTQI+ community at IE University. The IE Out and Allies Club and the LGBT+@Work conference are two examples.

IE Business School, iWeekend, Ashoka y el Aspen Institute organizan el Impact Weekend

Net Impact Club

The IE Net Impact Club promotes responsible and sustainable business, empowering students and professionals to drive social and environmental impact through business. Topics covered in the club include CSR and environmental issues, for example, and three events are sponsored by the club every year.

Gender related clubs

The IE Girl Up Club fights against gender biases in the STEM world and encourages teenage girls to join the industry. Another initiative is the Woman in Business Club, which provides a com munity for female thought leaders through professional networking and leadership development initiatives.

Assistance at IE University

The Student Code of Ethical Conduct

Read this code to find out more about our standards related to academic and community matters, as well as rules governing the IE Ethics Committee. Students are required to sign a statement indicating that they comply with the Code.

IE non-Discrimination and Anti-Harrassment policy and procedures

At IE University, we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone feels safe and welcome within our community. Read the IE Discrimination and Harassment protocols to find out more. 

If you have a discrimination- or harassment-related complaint, click on this link for direct assistance or contact the Diversity Office director via email. 

Action Guide for Sexual and Gender Based Violence

The Gender Equality Office has created an Action Guide for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence that provides information both about the resources available on and off campus in Spain regarding sexual violence, chemical submission and gender-based violence.


As a transformative educational institution, we empower students to make their mark on the world.

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