Humanities at IE University

As one of our key values, the humanities are an integral part of our academic offering at IE University.


Since its founding over five decades ago, IE University has valued and prioritized the humanities, infusing the discipline into every school and program we’ve launched. We believe that having a solid understanding of topics such as culture, history, philosophy and the arts leads to the development of crucial skills such as critical thinking, empathy, communication and interpersonal adeptness.

Braced with these skills, our well-rounded graduates are prepared to both succeed in their careers and make a lasting positive impact in the world. Their holistic and humanistic mindset allows them to see the big picture, make better-informed decisions and navigate the complexity of our modern world.

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As a transformative educational institution, we empower students to make their mark on the world.


Given this deep-seated belief that an education in the humanities shapes impactful and highly employable professionals, IE University offers a school that is wholly dedicated to this field.



While every program at IE University gives students the opportunity to participate in courses and initiatives in the humanities, those wanting to take a deep dive into these disciplines have the option to enroll in the Bachelor in Humanities as well as the Dual Degree in Business Administration & Humanities. These programs are carefully crafted to shape the next generation of changemakers and creative visionaries who are able to foresee long-term challenges and develop informed solutions to forge the future.


For those undergraduate students enrolled in other schools, we also offer a multidisciplinary academic program called IE Impact, which includes courses in the humanities, technology, and entrepreneurship. This program, which acts as a complement to any bachelor’s degree, equips students with the ability to navigate human complexity and the digital world with finesse.

As for graduate students, we offer a wide range of humanities-related electives that perfectly pair with their chosen field of study.

The humanities outside the classroom

We offer a wide range of exciting humanities-related initiatives for our community, and it’s all thanks to the IE School of Humanities and their frequent collaborators. These include UNESCO, the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, Instituto Cervantes, Fundación Telefónica, the Guggenheim Museum, and many more. In addition to our active agenda of one-off initiatives, we also organize annual events that our community looks forward to every year.

Arts and Humanities Week

The annual Arts and Humanities Week is a celebration of the human experience. This week-long festival includes concerts, masterclasses, exhibitions and more. Organized by Campus Life in collaboration with the Arts & Humanities Division, this event takes place in Spring, and each year takes on a different theme.

IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities

At IE University, we like to showcase the talent that overflows in our community. The IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities help us do that, celebrating the best written and audiovisual works by our students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Hay Festival

The IE Foundation and the IE Arts & Humanities Division also organize the Hay Festival, which takes place every September in Segovia. Events are held on campus and within the town itself, and the initiative promotes the exchange of ideas with the help of authors, artists and more.


As a transformative educational institution, we empower students to make their mark on the world.


As our thought-leadership publication, IE Insights draws on the expertise of academics and practitioners from IE University and beyond.

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