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06/08/2015. Madrid (SPAIN)

Admission Test

06/08/2015. Dusseldorf (GERMANY)

One to One Info Session

06/08/2015. Dusseldorf (GERMANY)

Admissions Test

10/08/2015. MEXICO D.F. (MEXICO)

Admissions Test

13/08/2015. Madrid (SPAIN)

Admission Test

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IE Financial Aid is meant to help students meet their tuition fees by supporting them with the definition of their financial plan, which may include the IE’s solutions below or external financing offered by ministries, student and professional associations, companies or local banks. External financing options are also listed at .

IE’s solutions can be requested as soon as the student has been admitted to IE University and always before the program begins.


IE-Banco Sabadell Loan for bachelor students

Advantages of IE-Banco Sabadell’s loans:

  • Low interest rates
  • No penalties for advanced reimbursements
  • Grace period of up to two years

How to apply for a loan

You have to send your application to by attaching all the documents listed at .


IE Foundation sponsored scholarships

The IE Foundation scholarships are merit and financial-need based and they cover partially the tuition fees.

How to apply for a scholarship

The IE Fellow Award

This fellowship is aimed at offering students additional networking and professional experience in exchange of a collaboration of up to five hours per week over the course. The collaboration may take place in functional, academic or research departments. For more details, please visit .


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