Digital Solutions Venture Day Lagos 2019

IE is launching the first Digital Solutions Venture Day in Lagos, Nigeria – a cutting-edge, highly competitive program designed to identify and support start-ups that have the ability to create innovative digital based solutions to everyday problems faced by businesses—whether private or public to improve their operations.

IE Venture Days take place in cities around the world, connecting the entrepreneurial community across all continents. In the past three years, we have held more than 35 International Venture Days in cities such as Madrid, Shanghai, Tokyo, Miami, Bogota, London, Santiago de Chile, Paris and many more! In 2018, we organised more than 15 Venture Days around the world and this 2019, we have 15 planned as well, with the first edition in Africa holding in Lagos on September 20, 2019.

In the coming months, we will select 6 start-ups (based on their originality, financial viability, and ability to have a positive impact on major challenges for businesses) to pitch at the Venture day Lagos and have a chance to win amazing opportunities and gain visibility.

You can apply for a chance to compete in the Venture Day Lagos or register to attend here