The future of work and why we still need outstanding people-managers

On 18 September, IE Professor Ken Dubin spoke at the all-Africa Employee Engagement Conference and Indaba sponsored by IE Business School in Johannesburg. Speaking on the future of work and why outstanding people managers will still be required, Professor Dubin says: If we want to compete more effectively, we first need to figure out what to do. This is about the hardest challenge leaders face, and technology is not going to make it go away”.

If new technologies open up a new world of possibilities, then gathering insights and building consensus regarding the paths to be pursued is essential to our success. In sum, if we want to realize the full potential offered by these transformative technologies, we must be better people managers than ever. Read the full article on HR Future South Africa

Professor Dubin also gave a masterclass on the role of artificial intelligence in organizations, speaking on “Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into Organizational Routines:The Human Consequences of Predictive Analytics and the Internet of Things”