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Our MBAs and Executive MBAs are more than just a means to an end. We offer both a full-time format for a completely immersive experience, and a Blended option that strikes the perfect balance between personal, professional and educational needs.

No matter what’s going on around you, you don’t have to put your education on hold.

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As the world becomes increasingly globalized and digitized, changing like never before, professionals from diverse backgrounds are facing unique and complex challenges. Our skills and mindsets must grow and evolve with these changes so we can continue to have a positive impact on our teams, companies and industries—regardless of where we’re located.

No matter where you are in your professional career or in the world, our top-ranked MBAs adapt to your specific needs. We offer both a full-time format for a completely immersive experience, and a blended option that strikes the perfect balance between personal, professional and educational needs.

With IE Business School, no matter what’s going on around you, you don’t have to put your education on hold.


At IE Business School, our MBAs will do more than update your existing skill set. They will provide you with a future-forward mindset and all the tools you need to stay on top in an ever-changing world. From data and tech to inspirational leadership, we will provide you with the global insights and strategic expertise to leave a lasting mark in your sector.

Our MBAs are designed with dynamic professionals in mind. We mix the best of the latest learning technologies with innovative and engaging course content to prepare global leaders for today’s market realities. Our faculty of top academics and experienced industry professionals provide a diverse range of sector-focused courses. With their tailored curriculums and interactive methodologies, our participants can benefit from agile, world-class training to impact their chosen sector.

Blended Learning at IE Business School – Our unique educational experience blends virtual and in-person learning environments to provide students with a hands-on and interactive learning experience. Over the course of 20 years, we have perfected our approach to blended learning and have successfully hand-crafted a selection of world-class programs.

Discover the right program for you.

  • Tech MBA
    Discover the right program for you:

    Tech MBA

    This full-time, year-long program will take your tech skills to the next level while providing industry-leading best practices in management and leadership. Designed for fast-paced professionals eager to make an impact on their sector, participants will discover the sweet spot between tech and business that allows you to extract data insights and lead transformational growth. It features hands-on projects, customizable course content and is offered in English, giving you the full strategic skill set to realize your vision.

  • International MBA
    Discover the right program for you:

    International MBA

    Design your own transformational journey accompanied by an international cohort of dynamic professionals and entrepreneurs. In this flagship, full-time MBA program, you will gain real-world insights and a 360-degree business vision to drive lasting, socially focused change. Offered in either Spanish or English, the International MBA mixes innovative core content with practical, highly customizable lab sessions. In fact, up to 45% of the program can be entirely tailored thanks to ten concentration areas that allow you to become the architect of this business-focused, career-boosting learning experience.

     September & January | English & Spanish | Full-time
  • Global Online MBA
    Discover the right program for you:

    Global Online MBA

    Taught with our unique Blended Methodology, the Global Online MBA allows you to enhance your digital fluency and discover how to disrupt traditional business models. As you master the foundations of business, you will grow alongside a like-minded group of diverse trendsetters who are revolutionizing business across the globe. Combining interactive online learning with face-to-face sessions in Madrid, the Global Online MBA gives you the flexibility to immediately drive transformation changes in your organization, sector and industry.

    September & February | English | Blended

Executive MBAs: Next-level leadership

Now more than ever the world needs impactful leaders. Reinvent and revitalize your career to become a disruptive change agent, without compromising your personal and professional life.

Complete with group challenges, case discussions, simulations and more, our Executive MBAs give you a dynamic and Blended learning experience. Our Blended Methodology combines virtual and face-to-face classes so that you can seamlessly apply the tools you’ve gained to immediately  enhance your professional trajectory.

When you enroll in an Executive MBA, you are joining a top-ranked institution. We don’t just keep up with rapidly changing business trends—we are the trendsetters. But don’t take our word for it. As a game-changing and innovative school, IE Business School brings together the best of the best from all over the globe—the school’s diversity has led many to consider its international student body as one of the best in the world.

We believe that you should be in the driver’s seat of your own education. No matter which Executive MBA you choose, you will have the opportunity to participate in highly practical sessions alongside a close group of peers—creating authentic bonds that go beyond the classroom.

Enhance your impact now.

Your career path has led you here, why should you study an Executive MBA?

Our selection of Executive MBAs empowers high-performing professionals to reach the next level in their careers. Alongside a faculty of world-class educators who double as international sector experts, organizational leaders will gain all the tools they need to impact business and society. As you participate in enriching discussions with guest speakers, professors and peers, you will ensure that you are staying ahead of the latest business challenges.

In order to further enhance your learning journey, our school is continuously incorporating the latest technologies into our Executive MBA programs. From the WOW Room to data analytics and artificial intelligence, you’ll discover innovative and practical technologies, while our Blended Methodology provides you with the flexibility you need to immediately apply these tools to disrupt your industry.  The flexibility you gain by being able to connect anytime and anywhere means your education is fully compatible with your professional and personal commitments.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, IE Business School has mastered the art of liquid learning, seamlessly blending together virtual and face-to-face education for tomorrow’s most impactful executives.

What’s more, our emphasis on globalization means you will be surrounded by an international group of highly motivated peers. Thanks to the unparalleled diversity in terms of nationalities, backgrounds and perspectives that you will find in your program, you will be better equipped than ever to tackle the challenges of today’s globalized world.

It’s time to take it further.

  • Executive MBA 
    Discover the right program for you

    Executive MBA 

    Recharge your professional potential with an educational experience designed for top-level professionals and established industry experts. Delivered in our unique Blended format and with a choice of Spanish, English or a combination of both languages, the Executive MBA will provide you with the skills, insights and global perspectives to drive long-lasting change.

  • Executive MBA Presencial
    Discover the right program for you

    Executive MBA Presencial

    Taking place in Madrid, the Spanish In-person Executive MBA is for experienced professionals looking to take their career to the next level by unlocking their managerial potential. Delivered through Friday and Saturday on-campus classes, this program allows leaders to establish a strong local network while achieving new levels of professional success in only 10 months.

  • Global Executive MBA
    Discover the right program for you

    Global Executive MBA

    Immerse yourself in a world of highly-interactive teaching that mixes online and face-to-face learning with real-world, hands-on experience. The Global Executive MBA is for experienced business leaders looking to develop and apply the most cutting-edge global business practices. With our unique Blended Methodology that combines online learning with three in-person sessions in a country of your choice in America, Europe and Asia, participants will expand their international network while gaining the necessary skills and tools to successfully spearhead change in a complex world of constant transformation.

  • IE Brown Executive MBA
    Discover the right program for you

    IE Brown Executive MBA

    With the combined expertise of two world-class institutions, the joint IE Brown Executive MBA provides executives with transformational skills to transcend traditional business practices. Over 15 months, the unique perspectives of IE Business School and Brown University fuel high-performing professionals as they become reflective, entrepreneurially minded leaders of action. The program takes place online alongside three in-person periods in Madrid, Providence and Cape Town, allowing participants to expand their network as they gain skills of immediate impact.

"In the more than 30 years of working with my company, I have relocated and changed jobs 12 times. I believe it was Sheryl Sandberg who said that “leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.» That is my mantra."
Gerhard Peter Gross, Daimler Financial Services | President & CEO
Graduation year: 1985
"Upon completing the MBA, I started my journey with Coca-Cola back in Colombia in 1997 as the Public Affairs & Communications Manager. Filled with wonderful experiences, my journey with the company continued, leading me to public affairs, communications and sustainability—an area I worked in for the Latin American and Asia-Pacific regions."
Pablo Largacha, The Coca-Cola Company | Vice President, Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability
Gratuation year: 1992
"I am a leader and a fast-paced entrepreneur, and after completing the International MBA at IE Business School, I have developed a business mindset that is open to new and innovative ideas and approaches to solving problems. Professionally, I have high multicultural team management skills, and can communicate fluently in Chinese, Spanish and English. For me, my greatest accomplishment has been launching and directing AliExpress local strategy for Southern Europe."
Estela Ping Ye, Alibaba Group | AliExpress Senior Director Spain-Italy-Portugal
Graduation year: 2002
"The IMBA was the full package experience I was aiming for and more. It not only helped me obtain a bigger toolkit to my legal background but also has given me great friends and incredible experiences in and out of the classroom."
"Excellent education from top notch professors while studying alongside superbly qualified fellow classmates. The Global Online MBA program offered unparalleled diversity with students from vastly different countries and industries."
"The IMBA has by far been my most enriching experience as it not only gave me a huge professional impetus but reaffirmed my belief in what I do, in being proactive, in doing good and doing well. It has given me a deeper awareness of self and provided me with exposure to a truly international network wherein I understand and respect varied cultures much better than I ever did before."
"The blended program I took part in was the most enriching educational experience I have ever had. The visionary design of the courses and interactions of the students and faculty has made IE a leading innovator in the blended education field. It will take a lot of effort and experience to the rest of the top business schools to become proficient in this area, while IE is native to it."
"The program is like a big pot of spanish paella, where the cherry picked high achievers and leaders from a wide spectrum of professions and cultural backgrounds come together from around the globe, gathering under one roof, to learn from each other, cracking brains and exchanging ideas as a team to complete countless challenging assignments."
"IE’s Global Online MBA is an excellent option for those who want to do an MBA and not sacrifice their careers and family life (but it keeps you very, very busy). I am particularly pleased with the level of the class which creates excellent cross-exchange of knowledge and experience!."
"What makes the program so special is the fact that we are all here because we are ready for the next step in our personal and professional path… I am sure that most of us will stay connected for a long time after we finish. Once we have started this brotherhood and friendship relationship, we look after each other as long as needed and beyond."
"A very rich experience thanks to its great diversity and professionalism."
"My classmates are excellent executive professionals coming from very different business sectors, with high profiles and relevant experience. Together we could add a multitude of perspectives to the class discussions. This was an incredible and unique added value. An incredible experience of team working and healthy competition."
"In a class of 32, we had 22+ different nationalities and each group had 5-6 members spread around the world. Adjusting to the time zones to meet regularly to discuss group and individual work is a wonderful experience and this is what happens in today’s business environment where you have teams spread around the world. Frankly, I never expected a blended program to be this intense."

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    Online MBA

    QS 2021
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    Online MBA

  • 1st

    Executive MBA

    The Economist 2020
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