Teaching Methodology

At IE Business School, we offer a variety of programs related to general management, marketing & communication, business technology & analytics, talent & leadership development and finance, so that you can make the most of your experience with us. We help you put yourself on the path to your future, offering a wide range of programs in both full-time and part-time formats, including bachelor’s, master’s, MBAs, executive MBAs and dual degree options. With our customized learning approach, our programs adapt to your needs, giving you full control of your learning experience.

We know you have the potential and we’re here to help you reach that next level of success, whatever that may be for you. We’re committed to being a stepping-stone to enhancing your future.

That’s why throughout your journey at IE Business School, we’ll help you discover your strengths, fill your gaps, and define your purpose and goals. We tailor your experience to your individual goals and know that there is no one-size fits all when it comes to your education.

We’ve adapted our teaching with you in mind. Our teaching methods look toward your tomorrow, helping you to pioneer your future. Everything we do is for you. But not just any you—the next best you.

Our teaching methods look toward your tomorrow, helping you to pioneer your future

Teaching methods that boost your career

Like you, IE Business School is constantly evolving and improving. In a world of work that leaves you behind if you stand still, astute professionals realize that your expertise and your individuality both play a part in career success.

Passionate about the commitment we’ve made to providing a personalized higher learning experience, our programs focus on bringing forward the next best you. The hard, soft and digital skills on your CV will get you through the door to an interview.

Hard skills

Negotiation, management, business knowledge, analytical abilities, business development, project management.

Soft skills

Emotional intelligence, delegation, training and mentoring, effective communication, time management, persuasion, teambuilding.

Digital Skills

Programming, digital marketing, digital project management, social media, data science and data analytics, new tech development knowledge.

But once you’ve demonstrated those skills and secured an interview, it’s how you are as a unique individual that stands you above the competition and secures you the job. And IE Business School is a key piece of the puzzle that goes into making the best of your own unique skills, experiences and insights—learning with us is a collaborative experience that nurtures your talents in all of those hard, soft and digital skills.

We believe in progressive, practical and dynamic teaching that addresses all of those needs and prepares you for tomorrow’s real world. The world is changing—come with us and we’ll change with it.

Active Mentors 2020-2021


It’s a year-long program in which alumni from programs of IE University offer support to current students through regular mentorship. Mentors take a human-centered approach in the design of their sessions, which further enhances the student experience.

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