Drivers of Change: Sovereign Wealth Funds Report 2018 - Drivers of Change: Sovereign Wealth Funds Report 2018

Sovereign Wealth Funds Report 2018: New Investment Trends and Destinations

Drafted with the participation of internationally renowned experts, the 2018 Sovereign Wealth Funds Report analyses the most recent trends in the SWFs industry, including new and consolidated funds, largest deals and top sectors targeted, such as consumer, real estate, chemicals and energy. The period 2017-2018 marked an all-time-record of SWFs activity on venture capital-backed startups. Geographically, countries like the USA, China and India remain as top destinations for SWFs. Also, the Report covers in depth the changes in strategic asset allocation made by SWFs over the last decade, and the renewed push on co-investing with other global financial players, showing maturity and sophistication. The Report closes with an interview with the former Chair of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds, Mr. Adrian Orr, with a strong stance on the risks and opportunities brought by climate change for long-term investors such as SWFs.


Javier Capapé

IE University

Jaime de Aguinaga

IE University

Elliot Hentov

State Street Global Advisors

Hugo M. Parson

Ernst & Young

Juan José Güemes

Chairman of the IE Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Ignacio de la Torre

Arcano Partners

César García

DC Advisory