Tech for Social Good - Tech for Social Good

How can technology help solve the world’s major social challenges?

Tech for Social Good

Emerging technologies are providing new opportunities to address social challenges around the globe. They can be the spark that transforms limited systems and extends solutions to the vulnerable, gives agency to people and tackles a variety of social issues in areas such as healthcare, education or humanitarian aid.

A growing movement of tech and social innovators is developing digital solutions to make our world a better place. If you want to hear first-hand from those creating those initiatives, join us at the Center for the Governance of Change on May 21st (18h00) at IE University as we bring together three leaders who are using technology to achieve positive social change:

  • Marcelo Cabrol, Manager of the Social Sector, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Clara Palau, Technology Team Lead, UNICEF
  • Borja Monreal, Founder and Director, SIC4Change

Moderator: Borja Santos, IE School of Global and Public Affairs

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Borja Monreal


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