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A History of the Future

The Center for the Governance of Change has collaborated with The History Channel in the making of A History of the Future, a 2019 documentary series written and hosted by Professor Diego Rubio, Executive Director of the Center. The series comprises four episodes, each of which explores one key aspect of society’s future (work, democracy, globalization and climate) by analyzing past precedents and modern data, and projecting historical trends.

The series has been the most ambitious production of History Channel Iberia to date, and it was commissioned to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the channel. The filming and editing was carried out by Onza Entertainment, one of the most prestigious studios in Spain, creator of historical series such as The Ministry of Time (TVE and Netflix) and Hernán (Amazon Prime Video). A 30-people team worked for more than a year, travelled extensively, examined hundreds of hours of archival footage, and processed several modern 4K images filmed across the five continents.

The series features interviews with 19 leading academics.

The first episode premiered on the History Channel on December 2019 in Spanish and Portuguese. The English version will be aired in early 2020.

Featured experts

The series features interviews with 18 leading academics, including historians, scientists, political scientists, and technology experts of eight different nationalities, currently working for institutions such as the United Nations and the OECD, and universities like Oxford, Harvard, MIT, IE, Yale, and the London School of Economics.
Diego Rubio

IE University

Manuel Muñiz

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Timothy Snyder

Yale University

Graham Allison

Harvard University

Naomi Oreskes

Harvard University

Carl Benedikt Frey

University of Oxford

Steve Levitsky

Harvard University

Myles Allen

University of Oxford

Rana Mitter

University of Oxford

Carissa Véliz

University of Oxford

William C. Kirby

Harvard University

Joanna Haigh

Imperial College London

Gillen D'Arcy Wood

University of Illinois

Emmanuel Comte

Vienna School of International Studies

David Frye

Eastern Connecticut State University

Samuel Cohn

University of Glasgow

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