Tony Lawson

University of Cambridge

Tony Lawson is a British philosopher and economist. He is professor of economics and philosophy in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge. He is a co-editor of the Cambridge Journal of Economics, a former director of the University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies, and co-founder of the Cambridge Realist Workshop and the Cambridge Social Ontology Group. Lawson is noted for his contributions to heterodox economics and to philosophical issues in social theorising, most especially to social ontology.

Amongst his publications are the Routledge monographs ‘Economics and Reality’ (1997), ‘Reorienting Economics’ (2003) and The Nature and State of Modern Economics (2015). Lawson’s views are much debated in the international academic community, for example, see Edward Fullbrook’s ‘Ontology and economics: Tony Lawson and his critics’ (2009).