Saif Ahmad

University of Cambridge

Saif Ahmad is a clinical lecturer in clinical oncology at University of Cambridge. He is currently undertaking a Clinical PhD Fellowship at the MRC Cancer Unit in Prof Ashok Venkitaraman’s lab. His research is focused on understanding a novel mechanism by which the BRCA2 tumour suppressor protein prevents genomic instability, specifically its role within the damage-induced G2 checkpoint.

His long-term ambition is to practise as a translational clinician scientist, advancing the understanding of the DNA-damage response to improve clinical radiotherapy outcomes, potentially through patient stratification and drug-radiotherapy combinations.

He also is an assistant editor at Clinical Oncology journal at the Royal College of Radiologists and a specialist registrar in clinical oncology at Cambridge University NHS Foundation Trust.

Saif holds a PhD in Cancer Biology from the University of Cambridge and a master of science in Oncology and Cancer Biology from the Institute of Cancer Research. He also holds a bachelor in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Sheffield.