Sybil Caballero


Sybil holds a Doctorate in Development Studies from The Center of Development Studies of the Central University of Venezuela.  She works as a researcher/professor at the Internet Institute, leads the development of the Research Center and collaborates in several lines of research such as entrepreneurship and innovation with impact in the Andean Region, social networks and new organizational practices. Previously, she was a professor of Graduate programs at the Central University of Venezuela and UNEFA. Sybil has also been Director of the TEBAS-UCV Research Center and worked at the prestigious research Centers CIPOST and CENDES UCV. She was credited as Researcher from the National Program for Promoting Investigations Observatory of Science and Technology (ONCTI) in Venezuela.

As part of her lines of research, Sybil Caballero has worked as formulation and evaluation consultant for multilateral organizations such as IDB, CAF and the World Bank. Since 2013, Sybil Caballero is the Director of Venture and Fellowship Program at ASHOKA Andean Region.