Alejandro Pacheco

United Nations Development Program

Alejandro is a Strategic Adviser for Latin America at UNDP, and a leading member of the Ibero-American Fourth Sector Project.  Previously, he served as Project Manager for the Government of Haiti’s flagship early recovery and reconstruction program, as a Private Sector Specialist for UNDP El Salvador and Belize, and Country Adviser for Argentina, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Venezuela for UNDP. He has supported the creation and implementation of public policies in developing countries with impact on thousands of micro, small and medium sized enterprises. Previously, Alejandro worked as a consultant for the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade from 2003 to 2006, coordinating investment portfolios for Spanish companies in Chile, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, China and India. Alejandro has a business degree from the University of Madrid and Masters or Specialist degrees in Finance (Universidad Carlos III) and Humanitarian Aid (Universidad de Comillas).